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Monthly Archives: October 2012

  • water-leaking

Flood Hazard in Your Basement From Water or Sewer Backup

October 27th, 2012|

As you probably heard on the news a heavy storm is approaching that will bring a lot of water to our area.  We want to notify our clients that a clean water system and drain pipes are very important to maintain in order to flush the water […]

  • Sub-pump-repair and Your Basement Pump

Flood Hazards Due To Storms – Prepare Your Subpump and Your Basement

October 27th, 2012|

If everything goes according to the current weather reports that a massive storm is approaching our area that will cause sub pump systems to work harder due to a heavy amount of rain that will drain into basements, we highly suggest that you test your subpump before […]

  • sub-pump-repair service-and maintenance-ridgewood-nj

Sub Pump Repair Service and Maintenance

October 4th, 2012|

 If you have a basement with a sub pump, you need to test the sub pump system once in awhile in order to prevent Sub pump repair service in NJ and Maintenance, make sure water from the basement that is collected through the sub pump well is expelled out […]