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Monthly Archives: October 2013

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How a Small Leaking Pipe Can Become an Emergency Service Call to Plumber

October 21st, 2013|

A person named Danny heard a ticking sound in the middle of the night.  He tried to search around to see what was making the noise but as the noise was on and of it was hard to locate where it was coming from, especially in the dark and at night.  He was too tired to continue to search the leaking pipe, by the morning the first floor was a disaster with a huge flood of water.  What probably started as a small leak pipe in the wall in the first few hours you can hear the ticking of the water hitting the sheet rock or the wood, but after a while the water opens an easy way out opening all that is between like dry wall, studs, insulation, floor etc. all the way down and within eight hours of the night it was enough time for the small leak to grow into a splash that was large enough to make 50 buckets of water. […]

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Why Not to Use Liquid Drain and Sewer Cleaners

October 20th, 2013|

Sometimes we serve a client with a sewer or drain cleaning service, that tried unsuccessfully to use the liquid drain and sewer cleaners in order to unclog a sewer and drain. I think there is a lack of knowledge and a misunderstanding regarding some of the liquid drain and sewer cleaners on the market. Sometimes the customer needs to understand under what circumstances you can use those types of products.

Liquid plumber sewer cleaning products are available on the market from prices as low as $6 to over $50 all in different sizes with different promises to unclog and make an impact on a snake drain or a sewer pipe but all they all are based on the chemical process to melt the dirt and debris within the plumbing pipes. The stronger the guarantee on the liquid plumber sewer cleaning bottle the more you should beware as the liquid itself is based on pure strong chemicals that can damage your skin, your breath or vision in case it is inhaled strongly or it touches your skin directly.
Some of the sewer or drain cleaning products are based on chlorine and for some people those types of products cause allergic reactions. […]