New Jersey Air Conditioning Repair Services

In your household HVAC system, cool air from your A/C or warm air from your furnace are distributed evenly throughout your home by air ducts.

Concealed inside of your walls is an intricate system of ductwork, manufactured by companies like Ductmate, Ductsox, and NAIMA.

These flexible tube-like structures are the carefully designed to promote optimal airflow in a building.

When your air conditioner doesn’t seem to be cooling your air properly, or your home feels cold in some areas even though the furnace is on, it might not be a problem with the units themselves.

In many cases, heating and cooling issues are actually caused by problems with the ductwork.

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Air ducts can develop leaks, become kinked or bent, and otherwise develop areas in them that provide too much resistance against the moving air.

Poor airflow and duct leakage can also compromise your indoor air quality, which can aggravate allergies and spread fungi and bacteria that can cause illness.

For this reason, it’s important to get these problems taken care of with professional HVAC repair in Paramus or other Bergen Count towns.

Fixing your ducts can lead to a major improvement in your indoor temperatures, making your home much more comfortable in the summer and winter.

What’s Wrong With Your HVAC Ducts?

Here are some of the most common problems that a NJ  HVAC service company usually finds in New Jersey homes and businesses:

  • Poorly installed ductwork. When it comes to air ducts, proper installation is crucial for the system to work correctly. Unfortunately, shoddy workmanship is more common than you might think, and homeowners often have no idea. Poorly installed ducts can droop, develop kinks, and otherwise impede proper air flow throughout your home.
  • Air leakage. When your HVAC system isn’t blowing enough air, or it’s not as cold or warm as it should be, your ductwork may have a leak in it. Leakage is a major cause of lost HVAC efficiency, and it also introduces mold spores, dust, and other contaminants into your air supply. Leaks often form at junctures where the pieces of duct are fastened together. Ducts aren’t actually sealed with what we refer to as “duct tape,” which wears away over time. Instead, stronger adhesive tapes are used.
  • Insufficient duct insulation. When your air ducts aren’t properly insulated, the air inside them will equalize more quickly with the temperature outside them. Once the air gets to the vents, it isn’t as hot or as cold as it should be. HVAC specialists can repair or replace the insulation, improving the air’s ability to maintain its temperature.
  • Accumulated dirt and dust. Even when you’re careful to change your filters regularly, dust and dirt can build up inside your air ducts over time. This particulate material gets swept up into the air and carried throughout your home, eventually making its way into your lungs. It can also become a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, and other organisms that can make you sick.

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With your ducts in working order, you’ll enjoy cleaner, more comfortable indoor air.

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