Every hot water heater comes from the manufacturer with a tag with a unique serial number. You have to have this serial number available for warranty purposes every time you need water heater service in order to identify the type and model of your unit.

  • Different water heater manufacturers have different places to put the serial number, but they all put it on the exterior, usually on the bottom of the tank near the thermo-coupling.
  • The following are a few photos of different labels located in different places on the hot water heater. I fyou have any questions regarding where to find your label you can go online to the manufacturers website or give us a call and we would be happy to help.
  • hot_water_heater_serial_numberhot-Water-Heater-Serial-Number Locate-Your-Water-Heater-Serial-Number find-hot=water-heater-model-and-serial Hot-WaterHeater-replacmant-infofind-hot-water-heater-serial