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If your yard has poor drainage, your foundation and septic system drainfield could be at risk for damage from stormwater and surface water penetration.

Excess water in your yard, usually after heavy rains, can rot the roots of your lawn and landscaping plants, as well as hydrostatically expanding the soil and potentially unsettling your foundation.

French drain installation is an effective, affordable, and non-intrusive solution for front yard and backyard drainage in New Jersey.

The name comes from the man that invented the system, Henry French.

It is a simple mechanism to move excess water away from one location to another, meaning away from your house to a drain.

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Installing a French Drain for Front or Backyard Drainage in NJ

French drains are a method of solving water drainage problems by diverting water away to a safe location, preventing soil from becoming swampy and waterlogged.

You may benefit from French drain installation if:

  • Your lawn is soggy or your driveway is washed out every time it rains.nj-drainage-contractor
  • Water keeps getting into your basement from outside.
  • You’re building a retaining wall on a hillside.

French drains are useful both for yard drainage, and for diverting stormwater away from your basement and foundation.

There are several types of French drains that local drainage contractors can install on your property:

  • Curtain French drains. Curtain drains are ideal for keeping your basement dry. These simple drainage systems work via gravity, and don’t require any complicated moving parts. Water enters the drain pipe at the higher end, in a drainfield area. It then flows to a lower point, where water can safely exit. For French drain installation, it’s important to consider where the water is going to go. Grassy slopes with ample sunlight can allow water to evaporate safely. You may also be able to divert the water toward a storm drain in the street, where it can enter the city’s wastewater system.
  • Deep French drains. A deep French drain, or “footing drain,” runs around the perimeter of a house or building. It serves to intercept stormwater runoff before it can enter your basement. These are easiest to install during construction, but they can be added later, although it can be more complicated to do so. Deep french drain installation may disrupt basement walls, landscaping, and walkways, which can add to the overall cost.
  • Interior French drains. Interior French drains divert water into a sump pump basin, which sends it into a storm drain or safe outdoor area. Interior basement walls may need to be removed to install a new interior French drain, and they are usually installed during construction.

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