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It’s never too late or early! We are a NJ plumber available to serve clients in NJ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are NJ plumbing contractors committed to servicing residential and commercial clients in New Jersey with 24/7  plumbing, sewer, drain/drainage, heating, air conditioning, boiler repair, replacement and installation services. 

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A knowledgeable experienced NJ plumber will service your plumbing emergency within hours, not days.

We come on time! Day or night, weekend and holidays 24/7, we are 24 hour plumber ready to go to serve you at any time.

24 hr plumbers NJ

Heating repair services

  • Expert troubleshooting and diagnosis
  • Water Heaters, gas, electric or tankless hot water heater repair NJ.
  • Boiler repairs – as Boiler, Steam Boiler, oil boiler repair service.Hot Water Boiler.
  • Heating – Central air home repair, boiler repair, commercial or industrial we do it all!
  • Heating and Air conditioning repair NJ.

Plumbing repair NJ

  • Main water line repair contractors NJ
  • Leaking water line repair NJ
  • Tree roots in sewer
  • Sewer line repair NJ
  • Frozen pipe repair or replacement in NJ
  • underground pipe repair and Installation 
  • Leak Repair; Sewer
  • Pipe Repair and
  • Leaky pipe replacement
  • Toilet, Sink, Faucet and Fixture Repair and Installation.


Emergency Plumbing services in NJ

24/7 Hour Service by NJ Plumbers

Serving most New Jersey Counties, we offer top quality craftsmanship by certified plumbing technicians, swift job completion, and competitive rates to both residential and commercial customers.

Our emergency plumbing service technicians will be at your home as soon as possible to fix your emergency plumbing problem.

Our plumbing specialists are knowledgeable and equipped to respond quickly and solve all types of plumbing emergencies on the spot.

We are dedicated to providing all of our NJ plumbing clients professional service and satisfaction.

We provide a full range of emergency plumber services in New Jersey from small plumbing repairs to full replacements of plumbing lines and equipment.

Everything we repair and install is backed up by us and our best-in-the-business warranties.

We’re local NJ plumbers same day or night service in NJ

24-hours-nj-plumbersFrom water leak to sewer pipe repair or replacement to home plumbing service calls for drain cleaning, our qualified NJ plumbers will arrive at your home or business to investigate any New Jersey plumbing problem around the clock.

We are always on call 24/7 whether it’s a burst pipe in the middle of the night or some other emergency plumbing service before a dinner that you have, our 24 hr plumber be there on time when you need him.

Emergency Sewer Cleaning Services

When your home’s sewer line backs up all the time and you need a plumber right away, you can count on Quest Plumbing to be there for you 24-hour a day 7 days a week for any emergency sewer service in NJ.

We have the right equipment and experience to ensure a quick resolution for any sewer problem.

Quest Plumbing has invested in the most advanced sewer technology to provide fast effective sewer service to quickly get your sewer line functioning again. We provide a variety of sewer solutions depending on the problem you are having and what we determine is the best solution.  We use both low-tech traditional sewer technologies that have been used for decades as well as advanced modern sewer methods that can tackle some problems more effectively.

If you are having a sewer problem at your business we are also able to help 24 hours a day 7 days a week to ensure that your business does not stop running because of a backed up sewer line or a broken sewer line.  You can rely on Quest Plumbing to arrive quickly with the necessary personnel and equipment to solve your sewer problem immediately or give you a reliable evaluation of the problem and an honest affordable estimate for sewer repair.

Quest Plumbing is able to provide same day emergency sewer service for homes and businesses in these New Jersey locations:

  • Bergen County NJ
  • Hudson County NJ
  • Essex County NJ
  • Union County NJ
  • Passaic County NJ
  • Morris County NJ

We have served homeowners and business customers in Hackensack,, Rutherford, Alpine, Bergenfield, Closter, Cresskill, Demarest, Dumont, Emerson, Englewood, Hillsdale, Paramus, Teaneck, Tenafly, Morristown, Jersey City, Wayne, Paterson.  We have served a variety of commercial clients, including retail stores, hotels, business offices, doctor offices, health clinics, restaurants, apartment complexes and more.

For small-scale clogs of a home sewer line usually a traditional sewer snake can be used. This simple sewer cleaning tool is pushed through the sewer line to break through the blockage and free the sewer line water to run again.

If you have a more difficult clog or you get sewer blockages frequently, Quest Plumbing will use a sewer video camera to conduct an inspection of the inside of the sewer line to determine the condition of the sewer line and if there is any specific problem causing the blockages line a broken sewer pipe, a leaking sewer pipe joints, sewer line deterioration, a sewer belly or tree roots growing into the sewer line.

Sewer services plumbers in NJ

If the sewer line is in good condition but there are tree roots or other debris we can perform hydro jetting which uses high pressure water jets to break through debris and clean the line.  These water jets are so powerful that they can break up the blockage restore water flow and also clean away any buildup on the pipe walls.

Broken Sewer

If your sewer line has a broken sewer pipe there are several options for sewer repair. If the broken sewer pipe is in one spot and not under a driveway or other obstacle the easiest and cheapest sewer repair method is likely sewer excavation, which is the traditional method of sewer repair where we would dig up the broken sewer pipe, remove it and install a new sewer pipe. We seal the joint so the sewer line is smoothly sealed and put the dirt back.  Pretty simple.

If there is more than one broken sewer pipe or the broken sewer pipe is under the driveway, patio or other obstacle than trenchless sewer line repair methods may end up being cheaper. Trenchless sewer repair methods such as sewer relining do not require that the sewer line be dug up, we would use the existing openings to the sewer line to run a line through that will coat the inside of the sewer line with an epoxy coating that will dry and harden and essentially cover up any cracks or breaks in the sewer line.

If the sewer line has deteriorated or has many broken pipes it may make more sense to replace the entire sewer line and perform a sewer line replacement.  A sewer line replacement can also be completed by traditional sewer excavation or trenchless sewer line replacement methods but in some circumstances traditional sewer line repair is the only option.

24 Hour NJ Plumber for all Plumbing Emergencies NJ

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Plumbing Services NJ

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