Have You Called a Plumber and Then He Never Showed Up

Unfortunately, its not obvious when you call a plumbers in NJ and schedule an appointment for an estimate, reschedule your own daily activities, your job, your kids, your friends,  etc.. to wait for a plumber and he might be even late but some plumbers won’t even show up.

When a plumber doesn’t show up for an estimate that’s one thing, but when you call a NJ plumbers for an emergency, water leaking, no hot water, sewer backup or a gas smell in your house, that’s even worse.  What if you have a medical office, commercial facility or building with tenants, or in the case of a management company that needs to have a plumber on the same day, right away for night service, or on weekends or a holiday, then its really upsetting and its also disrespectful.

We Respect Our Clients, We Do Show Up.

The difference between a good plumbing company and a bad one is sticking to the schedule.  That’s how a small plumbing company becomes big, because more clients are happy and satisfied with their projects, and you are recommended by existing clients.

That’s why a good plumbing company, heating or air condition service company get to the point where they don’t need to advertise to get clients, they have clients asking for their service and willing to even wait for plumbing services and air condition repair or heating repair from a company that is reliable and worthy of working with.

 Is it not like that in every industry, whether you run a nursing home, a local doctor, dentist or chiropractor office, school, hospital or architect office, people like to work with companies that stick to their word and stand behind their schedule.

Plumbing Estimate, Repair, Replacement, New Installation Schedule and Work Process

There is a sequence with all plumbing, heating and cooling estimate, repair, replacement and new installation schedule and work process.  Repair and emergency plumbing services are the type of jobs where the plumber will show up and complete the plumbing job on the spot.   These types of jobs usually take up to a few hours and then everything will be back to normal in your home.  So scheduling this and having the plumber show up on time is critical for this type of plumbing, heating and cooling repair services.

When the type of jobs are more like estimates, not a plumbing emergency, replacement or a new installation that you are planning, or renovations that you are planning, whether you want to put in a new bathroom, expand the house, renovating a basement, adding a floor or attic renovations that require new installations of water pipes, drain and sewer lines, new water heaters for hot water, new sump pumps for a basement or drain, sewer pipe, duct work or you name it, the initial schedule is critical to evaluate your projects needs and the more time a plumber or heating or cooling company will initially put into evaluating the project the better they will get to know what needs to be done and the more chance the price will be reasonable and the project will be completed with little or no issues at all.

So if you want to know and learn a good company will invest time in you and pay attention to your specific building or home environment and a not so good company will not do so and the results and future issues or problems may occur.

If they Showed Up on Time You Can Consider 80% of the Job Done.

Showing up on time can be considered the first sign that you are reliable, responsible and will take care of things, so work with a company that respects your time, will show up on time and finish your project on time.

After all, your time is not replaceable.  Have a wonderful day!