We recently met a homeowner that wanted to build a room addition on the back of his house. This homeowner has a lot of inlaid stone landscaping in his backyard. So this homeowner contracted with us to replace his sewer with a trenchless sewer method.  Because his sewer is under the basement floor we made a small opening in his floor to expose the old clay tile sewer. As the new plastic sewer molds to the old clay tile sewer, the clay pipe is split and comes back against the earth allowing the new plastic to be pulled to the existing clay tile sewer.

Plumber-sewer-Line-repairA small opening will be dug in his backyard to expose the city sewer main. The old sewer will then be disconnected and the new sewer tightened to the city sewer main. This homeowner will fill this small opening in his basement floor with cement.

The homeowner was very pleased with the very professional job.  If you are interested in replacing your old sewer using this trenchless method, give us a call for a free estimate.

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