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Hot Water Heater Not Working?It always happens at the worst time, you want to take a shower one night or weekend and there is no hot water. It is more likely that something is wrong with your water heater.  here is what to do before you call a plumber:

If you know how to locate your hot water heater in your home or business, the following advice may help you do a quick check up and maybe an easy fix to return your hot water heater, whether you have a gas hot water heater or electric hot water heater, residential or commercial.

First, I want to make clear that this advice is for when you have no hot water, not when you have hot water but at a low water pressure.  Low water pressure and no hot water are two different problems.

  1. In a gas hot water heater you make sure the main gas valve of the house, which should be located right next to the gas meter, is in an open position.  If you don’t know what an open position is make sure that the handle of the valve is in a horizontal 90 degree position and the two holes, the handle and the body, are not in the same position.  By the way, these two holes are meant to be for a special lock that belongs to the gas company, in case they want to shut off the main gas supply line to the house or building.
  2. After we make sure the main gas valve is open, just in case to ensure there actually is gas, go turn on your stove and make sure that it turns on and there is a flame.
  3. Attached to any water heater there is a valve right on the gas pipe, make sure this valve is in a fully open position.
  4. There is a pilot light, which is a small flame that should be on all the time and there is a window to see it. Bend down and look through the window on your hot water heater and make sure you see it.
  5. If the flame is off you either can try to re-light it by pressing the button, or there may be a mechanical problem in the water heater thermostat/ thermo-coupling unit.  Call us 24/7 and we will be able to help you right away.
  6. Assuming the light is on, try to increase the thermostat temperature and see if the big flame kicks in, if not call us to get advice.
  7. With an electric water heater, most of the things are closed for safety purposes, electric hot water heaters are high voltage units, most of them are 220 volts.
  8. Go to your main breaker box and make sure that all breakers are on, especially the fat double breakers that are 220v.
  9. If everything is on don’t dig into it as an electric water heater needs to be investigated by a professional plumber.  Give us a ring 24/7 and we will do the best we can quickly and in the most cost effective way to save you money.

If you see any water marks or any water leaking, not from a valve, mainly from the body of the tank please get in touch with us and we will give you the best deal for water heater replacement and installation, including a good warranty.  If the water heater is leaking from a valve, most of the time we can repair it at a low cost.

In an emergency we are the plumbers for you, call us know we are available to serve you day and night 24/7 in New Jersey to your satisfaction.

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