How to Replace a Broken Toilet

Tired of either a leaky, broken, or dysfunctional bathroom toilet? If you are willing to spend the time, you can replace the toilet yourself. Here are some useful tips to know when embarking on this do-it-yourself project.

  • Ensure that you have the right measurements. Prior to buying your new toilet, take all the measurements necessary, including that from the wall to the toilet base, and all of the sides surrounding the toilet. In smaller bathrooms, space is at a premium and you need to make sure that your new toilet will fit.
  • You will also need to buy the washer which is the gasket between the toilet bowl and the pipe.
  • Prior to the removal of your old toilet, turn off the water supply, flush the toilet, and make sure there is no water left over.
  • Now begin to remove the toilet in pieces, starting from the tank top, and then unscrew the center bowl bolts to remove the tank, finally, remove the floor Toilet-Repair-replacementbolts so that you can take out the tank.

Similarly, you will install your new toilet in the same fashion. Once you have purchased all the replacement pieces, place the large rubber gasket in place, place the new tank on the mounting area and screw the bolts in, and screw the tank to the center bowl using the respective mounting bolts. Last, install your toilet’s seat cover and then turn your water supply line back on.

If you feel that this is too complicated or wish to have an expert do the job for you at a reasonable cost, give us a call at 201-399-2160 and we can help you with either this or any other plumbing problems or issues with your bathroom.