Identifying the Cost of Plumbing Repair Service Over the Phone

As the internet and the use of remotely controlled services, cell phone navigation, apps, flying reading and eating at the same time and other things from space more than ever people think that everything or more things are possible than ever to do remotely.  You would be surprised, some people even ask us over the phone what is the reason for their sewer clog and of course they expect us as expert plumbers to know from a distance what is going on in their sewer pipe.  Many times they ask us to give a price for plumbing service or plumbing repair over the phone without considering a simple thing that in order to know and to estimate the cost you first need to see what the problem is.

As a client and a plumbing contractor company, it will be very unfair to you, and we want to be honest even to us, to tell something about any plumbing issue that we don’t know about.  More than that, it would be irresponsible if any plumber will give you a price over the phone for things that require real time checking like water leaking, sewer repair, water heater or boiler problems that require troubleshooting and a plumbing technician with experience to go through a few steps and seriously consider the time it will take to fix the problem, the type, model or make of the parts that need to be replaced or the materials that will need to be used to fix the issue.

Plumbing Repair Costs – What We Do and What We Don’t

When a client asks for plumbing repair costs over the phone we do discuss some of the options that may have caused the problem as we have done it for a long time and most of the time we see the same plumbing issues and they can be fixed pretty much in the same way theoretically in most houses, businesses, buildings and facilities, with minor changes, except size, the methodology of the repair needs is the same.  We do ask you questions about what you think caused the plumbing problem?  What is the last thing you used before the problem started?  Did you use the dishwasher, oven, faucet, flush the toilet, water the flowers or the lawn, or even your A/C is on when you got a leak from the ceiling.  And how often does it happen? Maybe water leaks not when you use your water system but only when its raining outside, so maybe you have roof repair issues and not a plumbing repair issue. Did you smell the water?  Did you hear any noise?  Those things help us to investigate and save time to try to target and solve the plumbing problem.  Amy further than that usually needs to be face to face on the spot and at least 50% of the time a quick repair can be done even in the same day when you act quickly.

We do not give you a price over the phone as it will be unfair to you and we want to give a one time price that we can stand behind the cost of the repair or installation and not to change it as plumbing contractors and other contractors are known for changing prices which leaves bitter feelings between the client and the plumbing company and we do not want that.

Any plumbing company that will give you a price over the phone, most of the time will be innacurate, irresponsible unless it is for something standard like changing a thermostat which is for a simple model, single zone system.  Any other repair, investigation and replacement that is needed cannot be accurate without seeing it and sometimes it can be as quick as 2 minutes for us to decide to give you the cost and the estimate.

Other Plumbing Companies Plumbing Repair Cost Strategies 

Other plumbing companies, or at least some other plumbing companies, work from the sale price up and making decisions based on the sales price and professional price point to attract the client that is seeking repair service or emergency plumbing repair service at a cheap price in order to step into their door.  We do not do that!  You probably know the commercials on the radio for drain cleaning when the host is shouting only $39.99 for drain cleaning.  We as a plumbing company know and many clients have told us that it never ends up being a $39.99 sewer cleaning it almost always ends up higher for some planned or unplanned reason that most of the time the client is not aware of and, between us, no plumbing company can hire a plumber or even a journeyman that will go back and forth with the van, the gas and the cost of the employee for $39 .  So to find a reliable plumbing company is more important that the plumbing coupons that people run, the promotions that people dig for and look to cash in on.  At the end of the day most plumbing companies pay pretty much the same wages and buy the parts for more or less the same cost from the plumbing supply or home depot.  So don’t get impressed, a reliable good experience with a good plumber can save you a lot of headache and time and the price by the end of the process will always be less. That’s how we get recommended as a plumber by family and friends of our clients, it doesn’t matter where we do the project, in your house, your business, in a commercial facility, medical office, we are people, we deal with people and we aim to provide you with the best service for a reasonable cost.  Have a wonderful evening.

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