sump-pump-repair-njSump pumps are one of the best methods for preventing flooding in low-lying basement areas, which can happen due to heavy rainstorms, burst water mains, and other circumstances. Occasionally, your sump pump can stop working correctly, often because of one or more failing electrical or mechanical parts. At Quest Plumbing, we provide local homeowners with fast, effective sump pump repair in New Jersey, along with new sump pump installation and sump pump replacement. Call us today for 24-hour emergency sump pump repair services in NJ, or to find out more about having a new sump pump installed.

Professional sump pump repair is important for getting things working again. Most homeowners don’t know a whole lot about what a sump pump is or how it works, which is why professional repairs and maintenance are important. Sump pumps, available from various manufacturers like Liberty Pumps, Grainger, and Zoeller, are designed to pump away excess water in low areas, like basements, where gravity alone isn’t sufficient. Professional sump pump repair can fix a range of common problems that often arise, including:

  •  Faulty electrical wiring and connections. Most sump pumps run on electricity, and the wiring and electrical connections inside of them can break or malfunction. This often happens as a result of a power surge. To prevent sump pump failure during a major storm, when flooding is a risk, many New Jersey homeowners invest in a generator that can power the sump pump if necessary.
  • Broken float switch. Float switches measure the fluid level inside of the sump pump, alerting it when it is full so that it can discharge the water inside. Float switches can break, or get caught up against the sides of the basin, resulting in incorrect readings of the water level. This requires sump pump repair, and occasionally the float switches may need to be replaced.
  • Discharge line problems. The sump pump’s discharge lines can become clogged with sediment and other materials, and in the winter, they can also freeze, requiring sump pump repair.

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