In Ridgewood, New Jersey, it’s surprisingly commonplace for sewer lines on residential properties to develop problems like blockages and cracked or broken pipes.

These problems are potentially severe, with the potential to cause costly damage to your yard and your household plumbing.

It can also become a health hazard when bacteria-laden sewer water travels back up your pipes and into your home.

When these problems occur, they require professional sewer repair in NJsewer cleaning and sewer services in NJ.

One of the most valuable tools that professionals use to fix sewer problems is sewer camera inspection, which uses a CCTV and camera system to provide a visual look at the inside of the sewer pipes.

To find out more about sewer repair, sewer cleaning, and sewer camera inspection in Ridgewood, NJ, give us a call today at Quest Plumbing.

 sewer_inside_pipe_video-Camera-InspectionSewer Camera Inspection: A Valuable Diagnostic Tool

Sewer camera inspection systems are among the most valuable technological innovations for sewer cleaning and repair companies.

These camera systems are available to professionals from manufacturers like CUES, Aries Industries, and Envirosight.

Sewer cameras consist of two main parts: the camera itself, and a monitor.

They use a CCTV system to transfer the video feed to a computer screen, allowing professionals to pinpoint the cause and location of the problem.

Using sewer camera inspection helps them to ensure that they use the right tools and techniques to clean or repair your sewer line.

Hydraulic jetting equipment and other professional equipment is selected and used to fix different types of sewer problems.

When sections of pipe have cracked or burst, and need to be replaced, trenchless sewer repair is the preferred option to minimize damage to homeowners’ yards and property.

 Common Sewer Problems in Ridgewood NJ

sewer buildupThere are several common causes of sewer problems among Ridgewood homeowners, most of which are detected and confirmed using sewer camera inspection.

There are a number of reasons for a damaged or clogged sewer main line, many of which are hard to predict or prevent until it’s too late and repairs are already needed.

Some of the most common reasons for sewer cleaning and repair include:

  • Tree root incursion. The root systems of large trees can often grow into and around your sewer main, which provides a source of water and nutrients. This can cause serious sewer pipes damage, resulting in major blockage or even causing them to break.
  • Sewer camera inspection allows sewer repair professionals to identify the location and size of the tree roots, so that proper hydraulic jetting techniques can be used to safely break them up and remove them.
  • Sediment buildup. Mineral sediments contained in the water supply can become deposited on the inside of the sewer pipes, gradually accumulating to the point that water flow is obstructed.
  • Pipe corrosion. Older pipes can rust and become worn down by flowing water over time, causing them to crack or break.

If you’re experiencing frequently clogged household drains, unexplained sewer smells, and other common symptoms of sewer problems, call us today at Quest Plumbing for sewer camera inspection in Ridgewood, along with fast, effective sewer cleaning and repairs.


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