How a Small Leaking Pipe Can Become an Emergency Service Call to Plumber

A person named Danny heard a ticking sound in the middle of the night.  He tried to search around to see what was making the noise but as the noise was on and of it was hard to locate where it was coming from, especially in the dark and at night.  He was too tired to continue to search the leaking pipe, by the morning the first floor was a disaster with a huge flood of water.  What probably started as a small leak pipe in the wall in the first few hours you can hear the ticking of the water hitting the sheet rock or the wood, but after a while the water opens an easy way out opening all that is between like dry wall, studs, insulation, floor etc. all the way down and within eight hours of the night it was enough time for the small leak to grow into a splash that was large enough to make 50 buckets of water.

fix-pipe-leak-leaking-pipeLet me tell you something about water leaks.  Most plumbers get plumbing service calls at two times during the day and one time during the night.  During the day, its first thing in the morning and after work hours when everyone goes back home.  In the night time, its usually between 10 to 12, the average time when people go to sleep.  The reason for that is that during those particular times the water pressure in the neighborhood changes dramatically.  Most people open the faucet and use the water first thing in the morning, that causes water flows within the system and then it stops.  Almost at about the same time in the afternoon, people come home and use the water system again in the bathroom, shower, kitchen sink, laundry room during the evening time and then it stops.  Then the same in the nighttime before people go to sleep, brushing their teeth, taking a shower, using the jacuzzi, leaving the washing machine on overnight.  So the water leaks mostly come from the changes in the water system and the weakest point of your water system is shaken on and off and that is when you have a greater chance to get water leaks.

When you hear a suspicious noise, especially when you have lived in your home for a while, you should check around until you find where its coming from because the sooner you do that, in case of water leaking, you will be able to stop it right away before it gets to the point where you need to call a plumber for emergency service in the middle of the night.  If you have a doubt and especially if you see water marks or a change in color on the ceiling, walls, paint, carpets or even window frames you should touch it, get closer to it, and if you have any doubt it might be better to call a plumber now and get a professional experienced opinion from someone that has the ear and the eye to locate the water leaking problem.

One way to protect yourself from water leaking in your home or business is to install a regulator that keeps the pressure steady in your home without being affected by the water pressure in your town or your neighborhood.  In addition to the benefit of minimizing water leaks, you will also make your appliances, like refrigerators, washing machine, dishwasher, water heater and other appliances connected to the water system work better and last longer as you will be keeping the pressure stable in your home and business.