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NJ-sump-pump-repairIf you live in NJ and have a basement, you may have a sump pump installed to help prevent accidental basement flooding in an emergency, like severe weather or a burst plumbing pipe.

Especially with the weather being so erratic in the last few years, if you have a furnished basement or any living space that is below ground level you want to protect this area from flooding.

We have seen cases in NJ where people went on vacation, a storm blows in and the amount and strength of rain causes that small leak they didn’t know to turn into a big leak.

With no one home to notice this can cause severe damage to their home.  Especially if the water sits there for a few days or more until they get home.

We also see cases where people are away and a sudden cold front come in for a few days and the water in their pipes freeze causing a burst pipe.

When the cold front leaves and the water melts this burst pipe can leak into their home with gravity pushing the water down into the basement and lower levels.  Again, with no one home, this can be a major problem.

This can all be prevented with the installation of a sump pump in your basement. A sump pump is affordable and needs little to no maintenance but can end up saving you a lot of money in the event you have a leak or a flood.

Sump pump installation is a great way to help keep your home protected and avoid costly water damage, but like all machinery, sump pumps can develop various electrical and mechanical problems that can stop them from working correctly.

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Common Reasons for Sump Pump Repair in NJ

Proper sump pump installation from a licensed plumber specializing in drain and sewer services can help prevent many problems with your new sump pump.

However, these devices are still subject to general wear and tear, and you may occasionally need professional sump pump repair service.

Some of the most common problems with household sump pumps include:

  • Power failures. Most primary sump pumps must be plugged into the electrical supply in order to work correctly. This can pose a problem during severe weather. Installing a backup sump pump, or opting for combination sump pump installation, can ensure that you’ll have a working sump pump during a power outage.
  • Incorrectly sized sump pump. To pump water away fast enough to prevent flooding, your sump pump must be the right size and horsepower for your basement and sump basin. If it’s too small, it can’t remove the water fast enough. However, a sump pump that’s too big can suffer from strain that can cause it to fail sooner.
  • Shoddy installation. Sump pumps must be installed correctly, according to the manufacturer’s instructions and specifications. It’s also important to make sure that a check valve is installed in the discharge line, to prevent water from flowing back in the wrong direction.
  • Malfunctioning float switches. Many sump pumps use float switches to detect water levels and activate the pump. If the float switches aren’t working, the sump basin could overflow.
  • Frozen or clogged discharge lines. The discharge line from your sump pump can become clogged with debris, or can freeze during the winter. This prevents water from escaping, overflowing the sump basin.

A plumber specializing in drainage and sewer services can diagnose and fix the problem.

If your sump pump is beyond repair, you may need to replace it instead.

Sump Pump Replacement in NJ

A sump pump can usually be expected to last for about ten years.

A decade of wear and tear takes its toll on the pump, and eventually, it will no longer be worth repairing.

It’s best to replace a failing sump pump sooner rather than later, since you never know when you might need it to prevent a basement flood.

You may also want to replace an incorrectly sized pump.

These are some of the signs that you may want to consider sump pump replacement soon:

  • Rapid cycling. If your sump pump is turning itself and off too often, the strain on the machine could cause it to fail. This can be caused by a maladjusted float switch or a sump basin that’s too small for the pump.
  • Long run times. If your sump pump runs for too long, it may be underpowered for either the volume of water it needs to move, or the distance that it needs to move through the discharge line. You may need a sump pump with a higher capacity.
  • Excessive noise. If your sump pump is very loud, its motor may have a burnt bearing, meaning it doesn’t have much time left before it fails.

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