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Over the past several years, a number of manufacturers have entered the US tankless water heater market. Rinnai tankless water heaters have dominated the US market for a number of years, mostly due to pioneering technology.  Rinnai started in Japan in 1920 and quickly expanded into the east Asian market. Since then, the company has led the way in tankless water heater technology:

  • In 1964, Rinnai introduced Japan’s first gas bath-heating units
  • Rinnai expanded into the US market in 1974
  • In 1984, Rinnai developed the first gas tankless hot water heater equipped with a safety mechanism to prevent incomplete combustion
  • Rinnai’s first ultra-compact tankless water heater was developed in 1986
  • Introduced Rinnai tankless water heaters to the US market in 1999
  • Developed highly-efficient gas condensing-type Rinnai tankless water heaters, 2000
  • Introduced gas condensing-type Rinnai tankless water heaters to US market, 2009

With such a long track record of innovation and improvements, it’s no wonder that Rinnai tankless water heaters are considered the gold standard of tankless technology.

Pioneering efficiency:  Rinnai condensing tankless water heaters

  • Efficiency rating of .96 vs efficiency rating of .58 for gas storage tank water heaters
  • Several venting options
  • Less expensive venting components
  • Can accommodate either ½” or ¾” gas lines

In 2009, tankless water heater efficiency was raised to new heights with the introduction of gas condensing Rinnai tankless water heaters to the US market.  In condensing Rinnai water heaters, incoming cold water is pre-heated by passing through a latent heat exchanger, which captures extra (or latent) heat before it can escape through the vent.  Condensing technology boosted the already high .82 efficiency rating of the Rinnai water heater by another 17% to a .96 efficiency rating.  Condensing Rinnai water heaters have the additional advantage of several venting options – with the improved heat capture provided by condensing technology, a steel vent is not required; concentric polypropylene or the much less expensive PVC can be used for venting, saving on installation costs.  In addition, Rinnai tankless water heater s can accommodate either ½” or ¾” gas lines, providing additional installation cost savings.

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