Why Call a Plumber Again and Again for a Clogged Sewer Line?

There is a scenario that a sewer or drain is getting clogged and blocked over and over.

We have many times received requests to help with a clogged sewer and drain pipe and we find that this has happened the client many times in the past and is a plumbing problem for the home or building owner.

Sewer Drains Should Almost Never Be Clogged Unless:

When your home’s sewer and drain lines were built, there have been no clogs and water was flowing normally, problems in sewer and drain lines start for the following reasons:

  • Debris that built up in the sewer lines or drain pipes.
  • Things that were thrown into the pipe, especially hard items, plastic, metal, diapers, rubber, animals, cell phones, cans, coins, electronic stuff, chemicals, oil, paper (not only toilet paper, paper that people want to destroy and forget about) etc..those things cause water to slow and stop in the drain.blocked-drains-and-sewer-pipe
  • Tree roots.
  • Animals that made the sewer line their home or back yard.
  • Broken pipes from changes in the ground, surface or support of the pipe that caused the sewer pipe to be broken from the pipe’s weight and movement.

In other words, sewer lines are made to release and move only water away through the pipe, by using it for water only you should not have any problem, as long as nothing changed within a pipeline.

So How Come I Need to Call A Plumber Again and Again?

Not all plumbers are the same, not with their level or knowledge and experience or the tools they use.  You would be surprised how many times we see plumbers using trial and error mode to determine the plumbing problem and fixing things by guessing only, replacing sewer pipes or drain lines and charging clients for repairs based on their stomach feelings and not based on real evidence and vision of the problem. Of course that will cause the sewer and drain problem to continue to exist or re-occur, the client is now upset and needs to find a new plumbing company to fix the problem and he might even need to pay again.

Don’t get impressed by a plumber that has 40 years of experience while he is still using 40 year old sewer and drain equipment and tools.  The difference is exactly like if you drive a car from 1970 or you drive a car from 2015.  There is a tremendous difference when investigating a sewer problem or when releasing a sewer clog with old fashioned tools or using modern technology, such as sewer video camera inspection and water jet cleaning and sensors to solve the problem.

Clients are really surprised sometimes when we come and investigate the sewer problem in 15 minutes, while some other NJ plumbing companies had to walk around for a half a day and could not figure out or determine a away to resolve the drain and sewer issues.

You Get What You Pay For and More…

Think about your time and expenses and the aggravation when you are waiting for a company to come and investigate the problem for half a day or someone that would do it in 10 minutes.

Think about the sewer repair instead, that instead of taking 2 days or more, would take a couple of hours so by noon your sewer line is repaired, your building is operating no complaints from tenants, your husband or wife or your neighbors.

The difference may be just choosing a good sewer cleaning and sewer repair company that knows what they are doing.

We have found that most of the time people just don’t know that there are other options.

Most of the time people know only after they couldn’t solve a sewer problem or drain blockage after the first time, so they thing repeated sewer problems in the drain lines of their home or building are totally normal and they settle and accept the fact that they need to call a plumber every few months to do the job again and again.

So don’t settle for less.  Call us anytime to help you resolve any continuing sewer and drain problems forever and we provide a guarantee with any sewer work.

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