A True Plumber Story


I thought I’d share this with you. I went on the pump repair call on Friday night in Mahwah. It was a mansion and they were having 200 people coming the next day for a kids birthday party. I was able to fix the sewer pump and install a new faucet that had broken that day. I charged them $550 and he insisted on giving me $1000!

Then he and his wife insisted I bring my family to the party- which we did. They had a live petting zoo, a train giving rides around neighborhoods, a live band, an entire kids water park and more. My kids just loved it. And most importantly, the guy personally introduced me to at least a hundred of the guests, recommending me and handing out over 150 cards that he told me to bring.

The moral of this story is that people, even a world class surgeon, all just want to be treated professionally and fairly and maybe a little entertained – and they will respond positively.