Backflow Testing & Repair Services in New Jersey

Bergen county nj Backflow Preventer service company Ever wonder what that brass colored contraption in your flower bed is? You know, the one that you were told is part of your lawn sprinkler system? Well that is an anti-siphon backflow preventer.

They are required on all water service pipes that can potentially be contaminated by bacteria, poisonous chemicals, or any other foreign material that should not be in drinking water.

backflow preventer acts as a gate keeper that allows water to flow only in the direction intended. A scenario for it to activate would be if there was a main water break somewhere in the Water Company supply.

Potentially, as water spewed from this break at high pressure and velocity it could creating a vacuum effect and actually pull the water FROM your house water system.

If that should happen, then anything connected to your system could be sucked into the city water system and contaminate the water for miles around. One of the most dangerous contaminates are the chemicals you put on your lawn.

Since your water pipes are in direct contact with these poisonous chemicals, without a backflow preventer the contaminates could be sucked into the system and contaminate billions of gallons of water!

backflow preventer need to be tested by a certified backflow tester. (backflow testing company NJ NYC need to be certified in NJ) can be assured that it is working properly and avoid any trouble with the water authorities or possible lawsuits by anyone affected by the contamination.