Fix a Leaky Shower Yourself

Step-by-step Instructions on How To Fix a Leaky Shower Yourself Hi!.Today I’m going to show you how to fix a leaky shower. So if you have a leaky shower, this is how you do it.

  • Turn of the water outside your house first. It’s either a gate valve or pull valve. Just turn it off. And then open all your faucets, make sure all the water gets out.
  • Take a screw-driver and remove the little cover on top. The next step would be putting the screw under-in inside so that you can remove that little handle.
  • Then we have to take off the escutcheon. All escutcheons are tight usually. Usually it’s only hand-tight, but on this one we have to use channel locks. So, these are the socket locks specially meant for shower valves and bathtub valves. And we’re ready to take out that escutcheon. It has a lot of threads on it, so it will take a while. Yup, here’s the escutcheon, its plate. We’ve got them out. Now, let’s take one of those socket wrenches and take out the stem. You turn it counter clock-wise. It could be tight. And here’s a stem! Do you want to see how it looks? No washer left and the screw is sticking up! The washer is totally torn up. So, we will take our old washer, our damaged washer here, get a screw driver and take out that screw. See that washer here? Nothing left of it.
  • So, let’s take a new washer. This one’s here is a pebble washer. It could also be flat, but we’re going to use a pebble one today. And we put the screw back in.Make sure the screw is tight and is holding the washer real good. And then put back that stem. And there is an o-ring that came off while we were taking out the stem. So put the o-ring back in, otherwise you will have leaking. Tighten that stem. Take the escutcheon and now we’re putting the escutcheon back. It should be: escutcheon plate and then escutcheon. But in this case it’s not going to grasp the thread so we have to do it the other way: escutcheon and then escutcheon plate. And there you go! Tighten up that escutcheon.
  • And then we are going to have to put back the handle.  We use the screwdriver and here goes the handle back inside. Put the cover back on and that should be it! Go and turn the water on and test your work.

 If you need help with a leaky shower call an experienced new jersey plumber.  We are happy to help!