Fix Running Toilets in a Few Steps

If your running toilet you better go catch it. Hearing the water constantly can both annoying and wasteful.

No reason to let your money flush down the drain .Often the flap inside the toilet will be stuck open. Take the top of the tank of your toilet and look to see if the little flap inside is seated and sealed or if it’s stuck open. The flapper is a little rubber gasket that sits in the bottom your tank.

It has a lever or a chain that is connected to it, which connects it to the toilet handle in most cases. If it’s open then just slide your hand in there and adjust it so it seals properly.

Generally its not that easy. The flap is made of rubber that is prone to wear and dry-rotting over time. If it looks like it’s been damaged, you should replace it. Once it gets too damaged, it won’t matter how much you try to get it to seal the water will slip past it and leak through, leaving you with a constant reminder  that your toilet is running toilet and higher water bills are on the way.

If it’s sealed properly, check the chain while you’re in there. Is it twisted, bunched up or caught on anything? If so, it probably isn’t letting the flapper seal right. Straighten it out and see if that helps.

You will also see a rod. Is it bent? Again, if it is, you should be able to straighten it out pretty easily. If you notice it’s getting rusty or anything, you should also replace it.

In the tank you should also see a little ball-looking thing. That’s called the float.

Give it a lift and see if the toilet stops running. If it does then you found you problem. The arm needs some adjusting. Keep adjusting it and see if you can find a point at which the toilet stops running, but If there is water inside the ball, you’ll need to replace it as well.

If none of the above seems to help, you may have a larger problem and a professional plumber NJ should be able to determine exactly what’s causing the leak and make the repair. Give us a call and we can can definitely help.