Hot Water Heater Repair? or Water Heater Replacement?

When a client contacts us to request hot water heater service, they always ask if we can repair the water heater or a new hot water heater needs to be replaced/installed.  A hot water heater should not break down in the first couple of years, every hot water heater company provides a few years warranty for any damaged water heater tank.  Some of them provide four years, some six, ten and some even twelve years warranty on a water heater and to you its a sort of insurance for the water heater tank in case a water heater is defective it can be replaced under the warranty.  As a plumber, the first question we advise our client is to look at when they installed the hot water heater and see if the hot water unit is still under warranty. Please note that certain conditions, such as external leaking from water pipes or physical damage or unprofessional water heater installation will usually not be covered under this warranty.

Hot Water Heater Repair

Whether we can repair your hot water heater depends on the nature of the problem and the type of water heater that you have, home, commercial, store, industrial and the critical use of the hot water, like in medical offices or nursing homes.  We will decide on whether your hot water heater unit can be repaired in a way that lasts or needs to be replaced with a new installation.  For instance, internal leaking from a hot water heater tank is impossible to fix , a defect within the internal mechanisms of the water heater is something that cannot be fixed or get a replacement part for.  Some low cost hot water heater repair companies might take parts from old similar hot water heaters and most of the time it is forbidden and dangerous and not under warranty as this type of repair company does not generally care to maintain a good reputation within the industry.

The following issues can usually be replaced or repaired without installing a new water heater:

  • Cold or hot water valves that are located on the top of the hot water heater unit;
  • Release valve/high pressure valve that is usually located on the side or the top of the water tank;
  • Any external leaking above from hot or cold water pipes;
  • Any clog or blockage of water that prevents the water from coming into the water heater;
  • Any external electrical wiring for the hot water heater ignition or in case you have an electric water heater, the electrical cord that provides the power;
  • Any problem with the reset button in an electric water heater that may be tripped and prevent the electric connection to the water heater;
  • Any low water pressure int he show or bathtub and prevents a good flow of water, as long as the problem is not a clog within the tank, which is very unusual.

water-heater-repair-njHot Water Heater Replacement

All the other issues not mentioned int he list above are mostly located within the hot water heater tank that cannot be replaced or repaired by a local water heater service company and comes as one unit with parts that cannot be singularly replaced.  So in that case we will offer you water heater installation with a compatible/similar water heater to the one you have, considering any new changes that may be within your home or commercial property for a new water heater, like the need for more hot water, in case of an expanding family or a new and changed business nature within a commercial facility that the tenant needs to use hot water more often.

Affordable Water Heater Service Pricing

All of our water heater replacement service prices are affordable and we provide a free estimate for water heater replacement.  We carry most of the sizes and models of water heaters so we can usually complete installation of a new unit within a couple of hours


Please feel free to contact us for a free hot water heater quote and a best price for a hot water heater.  We are open 24/7 365 for emergency hot water service, whether its leaking and needs minor repair or you need a new installation of a hot water heater.

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