When You DO NOT Need to Replace or Install a New Hot Water Heater

Many times you call a plumbing company for hot water heater problems and in today’s world, who can last more than one day without hot water.  Having your hot water heater ready to go with hot water on demand is a necessity.

There are scenarios that although you have no hot water, the hot water heater can be repaired easily and you can save a lot of money and not need to replace to a new one.  Of course you need to have the right plumbing contractor company to advise you and be honest to perform the repair and not to drag you into a new water heater replacement and installation.

Water Heater Problems and Investigation

Making things simple, the water heater device has two parts: the mechanical tank to hold the water (unless you have a tankless water heater, which is also called an on-demand water heater that doesn’t have a tank) and other connections and controllers that monitor and operate the process to heat the water from cold to hot. If you have leaking water from the tank itself, from the body of the hot water heater tank, there is nothing that can be done besides replacing the water heater.

If you have a problem within the devices, like water valves, hot or called, the release water valve is leaking, the thermo coupler or ignitor are not working, those parts can be replaced for a fairly low cost compared to getting a new hot water heater and replacing or installing a new hot water heater, so make sure that you know that.

There are certain common problems with water heaters that are easy to fix, some of them will take less than 15 minutes to fix. We follow very simple troubleshooting to investigate it and provide a warranty.

Tankless Water Heaters

In a tankless water heater the scenario is even simpler as the unit is made from small components and most of them can be replaced.  Unless there is a crack in the heat exchanger or some damage to the body, which is very rare, all other parts of a tankless water heater can be replaced, and its just a matter of finding the problematic part.  Generally, I would say that the tankless water heater is usually very reliable and its very unusual to have a repair or any service at all within the first few years.

Call a Plumber Expert With Water Heaters

Experience counts and a good plumber can save you a lot of money and time by knowing how to investigate the problem, the water heater problems might be water leaking, but the difference may be water leaking from a valve that costs a few low cost dollars to change to water leaking from the hot water tank where the whole hot water tank need to be replaced and reinstalled.

We provide free estimates with any water heater replacements and installations, including tankless water heaters.  Please feel free to call us 24/7 anytime for emergency water heater repair or if you are planning a water heater replacement.

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