Kitchen or Bath Drains Clogged? Do Not Call Plumber Yet

Do you have clogged kitchen or bath drains?  Here’s a low cost method  you can do use before you call a  NJ plumber. When you see your drain getting a little slower than usual, pour some vinegar  into the drain just before bedtime. Before you do this run the hot water in the sink for a few minutes to soften some of the soap and grease accumulation. After pouring about half a cup into the sink, turn on the faucet and count to three, then shut it off.

This gets the vinegar out of the trap and into the pipe. Then pour around a quarter cup to leave in the trap. The vinegar will soften more of the grease overnight so in the morning you can remove some by running hot water into the sink. This can be repeated over several days to remove as much grease as you can and performed once a month for drain maintenance.

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