Why Not to Use Liquid Drain and Sewer Cleaners

Sometimes we serve a client with a sewer or drain cleaning service, that tried unsuccessfully to use the liquid drain and sewer cleaners in order to unclog a sewer and drain. I think there is a lack of knowledge and a misunderstanding regarding some of the liquid drain and sewer cleaners on the market. Sometimes the customer needs to understand under what circumstances you can use those types of products.

Liquid plumber sewer cleaning products are available on the market from prices as low as $6 to over $50 all in different sizes with different promises to unclog and make an impact on a snake drain or a sewer pipe but all they all are based on the chemical process to melt the dirt and debris within the plumbing pipes. The stronger the guarantee on the liquid plumber sewer cleaning bottle the more you should beware as the liquid itself is based on pure strong chemicals that can damage your skin, your breath or vision in case it is inhaled strongly or it touches your skin directly.
Some of the sewer or drain cleaning products are based on chlorine and for some people those types of products cause allergic reactions.

Can Sewer Cleaning Liquid Replace a Sewer Cleaning Service by Plumber ?

sewer_or_drain_cleaning_nj_company_in_paramusIf you have a clogged drain or sewer pipe that is clogged mostly because of dirt, leaves or similar small parts that can easily melt or fall apart, those liquid sewer cleaning solutions might be OK for you. In most cases a clog is within a couple of feet from drain/sink but the liquid sewer cleaning solution is less effective if the problem is located further down the sewer pipe.

If your sewer clog problem is caused by hair or other more substantial debris, especially the types of things that are hard to take out by hand, the liquid plumbing sewer cleaning solution will not help you most of the time, you will generally be paying money and pouring it down the drain without unclogging the sewer and drain pipe.

Another serious problem when you use those sewer or drain cleaning solutions is that the chemicals that you just poured down the drain may damage certain types of pipes and if you have a rotten, rusty, old drain pipe that has some weak points you might make the problem worse. So now you would not only have a clogged sewer or drain pipe but you would also cause a leaking pipe, and worse you cannot touch the water and stop it by hand as the chemicals could burn your skin and any plumber that comes to unclog the drain will need to know that you used this chemical because he will need to use extra caution to protect his eyes, skin etc. Also, ,all the machines that he uses in the area will need to be cleaned with a special soap and water pressure in order to remove the sewer cleaning liquid detergent.

Those sewer or drain cleaning products are usually OK for a short distance within the pipe and very light debris but sometimes they push the dirt further down the pipe. If you want a real sewer or drain cleaning solution, you need to snake the pipe all the way and push the debris out and you have the peace of mind and guarantee that something like that will not happen again for a very long time.

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