Leaky Faucet

Leaking faucets can lead to sleepless nights, irritable mornings and everyday annoyance, not to mention that you are wasting water through those frequent little drops of water. Fixing a leaky faucet can range from as simple as replacing the faucet head or calling a professional plumbing service to check out the pipes connecting the faucet to the water source. Here are the top 6 most common reasons why your faucet at home leaks.

  • Cracks. A cracked faucet is one of the most common reasons why your faucet is dripping. The water seeps into the cracks that can be caused by a heavy force or natural calamities, which may cause the pipes to crack. Extreme temperatures can also sometimes crack pipes and faucets.
  • Corrosion. A corroded pipe or faucet weakens over time and this may lead to a leaking faucet that will eventually call for a replacement of the corroded areas.
  • Pipe joints. Damaged pipe joints, whether made from PVC or steel, is also a leading cause of leaking faucets. A protruding metal piece or an eroded joint can lead to this plumbing issue.
  • Too much pressure. When water comes in too strong, which can be sometimes caused by a faulty pressure pump, this strong force can damage the faucet, aerator or even the PVC pipes lining your faucet.
  • Loose fixture. A loose faucet head or a head that is routinely switched off too tightly, can lose the tension in its washer and come off loose. Just replace the faucet head if this happens.
  • Rust. Rusting of metal and steel is one of the reasons why some people choose PVC pipes. A rusted system weakens the links and eventually causes leaks.

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