Water Leaks, Pipe Repairs and Investigations

water leak repair njLeak repairs need to be done as quickly as possible in order not only to prevent a loss of water but also to prevent the damage that water can cause to the walls, ceiling, floor and foundation of your home and business.  A small plumbing leak repair can cost you thousands of dollars and days of work and aggravation if you did not detect it in time.  There are certain techniques for plumbing leak detection and tools to identify the leak problems and repair it without further damage.

If you see a spot or brown mark on your walls, ceiling, or floors the water leak might be from rain, the plumbing system, hot water line, cold water line, or leaking from the heating system if you are using hot water heat system or steam.

As a plumber, the first thing we will do is to try to shut off the main source of water, if it’s the main water valve or the heating system, and release the pressure from the system in order to prevent further damage.

Finding the source of the leak might be very tricky and difficult because water has a tendency to travel and the spot that you see in your bathroom may be caused by a pipe leaking above the living room ceiling.  A leaking pipe investigation could take from a few minutes to several hours and the cost may be from $100 to a few thousand dollars depending on the type of work to be done to access the leaky pipe, repair it and then fix the surrounding area, like repairing sheet rack of the walls and ceiling, painting etc..

As plumbers, we usually work with our local home improvement company All Done (www.alldonecompany.com)  which provides us with all of the home repair and home improvement services in Bergen County, Essex County, Passaic County New Jersey area and has served us well in the last decade.  So we can complete your leak repair from A to Z.

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