New Hot Water Heater Installation or Replacement? Call us First for The Best Quote!

If you are shopping for a new water heater installation or you need to replace your water heater you need to know that there are significant differences between certain brands that will effect your hot water heater operation, temperature, your monthly bill and the life of your water heater.  Most manufacturers provide you with a minimum 4 year warranty for the standard water heater you can buy at home depot.  You can add a few dollars more and get the 6 to 12 year warranty.  There are certain companies that will provide you with a lifetime warranty on your water heater, of course there is small print which is so long as the owner stays in the same house, so the hot water heater warranty is not transferable to a new buyer of the home.  The following video shows OS Smith hot water heater manufacturing, the entire process from raw materials to complete beautiful high efficiency water heater, in different sizes from 30 gallon, 50 gallon and 85 gallon operating on gas (electric hot water heaters have a different heating mechanism but the concept of heating water within the tank is pretty much the same).

The length of the warranty the manufacturer provides is a combination of testing and the risk the hot water heater manufacturer has in case the hot water heater will break down or will leak.  Although most companies use the same materials, the three main important things in hot water heater reliability are:

  • The thickness of the materials and coating;
  • The quality of the welding, as for hot water heaters most of time any leaking is from the connection points as during its lifetime the hot water heater expands and shrinks and the first leak will show up in the welding of the joints;
  • The quality of the hot water heaters testing.

Usually choosing a hot water heater is relative to what you pay and the cost is relative to what the quality that the manufacturer put into the process of creating the hot water heater, if it was in a high quality system and environment.


Our Best Advice to Buy or Replace Your New Hot Water Heater.

If you are going to replace your hot water heater most probably you are doing it for the first time as most people will not do it a second time unless they lived int he house for more than 20 years.   If you live in New Jersey, the hot water requirements and considerations will be very different than California and your best way is to ask us, your plumbers, Quest Plumbing, for advice to choose the best hot water heater for you based on our experience and your budget.  As we have installed thousands of water heaters in our lifetime we know what the manufacturer or hot water heater supplier will not tell you and we can prevent hot water heater problems that are caused just because you replaced to a new hot water heater, problems which you would not be able to discover before installation of the new tank.

Hot Water Heater Quote/Estimate 24 Hours Free.

We provide you with our best experience for installing a new hot water heater for free.  Sometimes we can tell you the price over the phone assuming and ordinary replacement and installation is needed like most fo the time so you can be comfortable that you are getting the best price and quote for a hot water heater for many years to come.

Hot Water Heater Installation/Replacement Timing and Schedule.

If you need to install or replace your hot water heater as an emergency service as its leaking or damaged you can call us anytime 24/7 for emergency service hot water heater company in New Jersey.  As plumbers we serve most New Jersey counties quickly like, Bergen County, Union County, Essex County, Hudson County and Morris County.  Most of the time we have the hot water heater in stock so we can install it for you right away and if there is good access we can probably get hot water heater installation or replacement completed in less than 2 hours, but first in case of an emergency contact us so we can guide you and provide you with the best quote and price from your local NJ plumber hot water heater company.

Did you ever know how a New Hot Water Heater is made? hot water heater Installation or Replacement of water heater is the “easy” part of the job.


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