Placing a Shower or Bathroom in a Basement When Sewer Pipes are Above Ground

If you have the scenario where you want to put a shower or bathroom in the basement, besides the fact that you will need to hire a licensed plumber and apply for a permit, you will need to do careful planning in terms of the basement sewer line level from the basement ground to the road.  That means that if your sewer basement line is above the basement floor’s height you will need to use an in-ground tank to collect the water from the shower and from the bathroom and push it out to the sewer main line with a sump pump.

Depending on your basement’s size and requirements.  A plumber will need to dig a large hole in the basement in order to fit the tank into it.  Some of the sewer tanks comes with the sump pump built in and its preferred to locate the sewer tank in the nearest point to the sewer main line for better and faster new sewer line connection.

The shower in the basement, bathrooms, sinks, water coolers or other devices will all be connected to the tank.  The connections are no longer with old iron pipes like 20 years ago.  Today we use PVC pipe that we can cut with a handsaw and 1 1/2 inch pipe or 2 inch pipe will be enough to satisfy plumbing code for all the bathroom and basement  plumbing.

This kind of job requires a good plumber with experience to handle, its usually a couple thousand dollars depending on the location of items and can be done within a couple of days.  We provide free plumbing estimates for all our clients.

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