Plumbing Contractor for Restaurant Remodeling

If you are a present or future restaurant owner and you want to install new equipment, repair, replace or renew and remodel your entire restaurant, especially if you have a new location and you need to start from scratch.  We highly recommend that you choose a plumber that not only has experience with commercial plumbing, but also has the knowledge and experience with restaurant equipment installation, modification and the state code as in some cases when we need to apply for a plumbing permit everything will go smoother and faster in terms of the rough inspection and final inspection.  You will save tons of time and delays, which bottom line, your restaurant will be up and running from any repair, new installation or renovation much faster than a plumber that needs to figure things out.

Restaurant Equipment Installation

Whether you are going to replace existing equipment like a dishwasher refrigerator, water treatment system or you have the need to buy and install a new one.  You have to make sure that technically your plumbing piping location and size is capable of running the new equipment as you don’t want to find yourself buying new equipment and then reversing the process of figuring out how to make the new equipment work with your plumbing and tearing up your walls and ceilings in the process.

A 30 minute plumbing inspection and review of your restaurants resources will be enough to lay out the options and find the easiest way and lowest cost way to install and replace or modify things ready to go for the new equipment.

You would be surprised how many restaurant owners receive in a new deal a dishwasher, washing machine or water treatment system that doesn’t fit, not only physically, but technically to their own needs and the problems like leaking or burst pipes, low water pressure or high water pressure came up, even simple things such as a machine flashing, not draining or not working at all due to a lack of power and water pressure.

New Restaurant Plumbing Remodeling Starts with Planning

When you get into a restaurant remodeling project, especially if you build a restaurant from scratch, good planning is the key to avoiding a lot of problems, misunderstandings, delays and extra costs.  It goes down even to a point that even if a pipe, sink, toilet or tub will be off by 2 inches we won’t be able to install it appropriately and here we start again with repair and replacement so reviewing a plan and planning might take longer in the beginning but can save you a lot later on.

Whether you plan your restaurant remodeling with an architect or not, or even if you don’t need to go through a new floor plan make sure you choose a plumber that is knowledgeable about your restaurant needs equipment and placement, and make sure he not only has the experience but is available as he needs to be part of many steps along the way that go in a chain with other professionals like the contractor, electrician, tile man etc.

Plumbing is one of the most important areas to run your restaurant properly, with low maintenance and without any problems.  Your restaurant kitchen is the core environment for your business, if drain pipes and water lines are planned well you will minimize clogs and blockages, grease build-up and grease cleaning jobs that will require you to call a plumber often.

Restaurant Plumbing Maintenance

Most restaurant owners make the same mistake of maintaining the external side of the restaurant and equipment beautifully but neglecting the side of the internal systems and equipment, unless something happens.

When you get a burst or leaky pipe that splashes, is making metal clicking noises or things are flashing or not draining or not working then you have a problem that your employees are waiting for a plumber to get it fix and in the meantime the dishwasher, toilet, sink, water heater, are out of order and its just about how important is the place of the breakdown.  If its a kitchen or bathroom problem you may need to close your restaurant, if its in the basement or elsewhere you may just have discomfort and delays.  Good planning and maintenance  is always cheaper than repair and you can always schedule it at your convenience or after restaurant hours, nights or weekends.

Hot Water Heater in Restaurants

One of the most important things in the restaurant environment is having hot water available all the time.  Most people forget about it unless all of a sudden there is no hot water.  A good commercial hot water heater can serve you for many years with almost zero problems and down time, no leaks or low pressure and its worth every cent.

In a commercial environment dishwashers must reach certain temperatures to wash dishes to meet the state code and proper sanitation of the dishes.   As you know, the health inspectors that come from time to time even check the running dishwasher water temperature in order to ensure that any viruses on the dishes is killed by the hot water.

If you use one or more tankless hot water heaters the maintenance is almost zero with those devices and you also save energy but replacing a standard hot water heater with a tankless hot water heater requires experience to make sure you will have enough on demand hot water as there is no storage of hot water available in a tankless water heater system.  Feel free to contact us if you are considering switching to a tankless water heater.

Drain and Sewer Waste Lines

Keeping drain and sewer waste lines clean without grease traps is the key to having the lines clear without any sewer blockage and clogs, we even recommend that you once in a while, even once every few years, a hydro-jetting cleaning, which is a high pressure hot water injection through your sewer and drain lines so all the dirt, waste and oil and grease that may be stuck in your pipe walls or pipelines will be cleared out.  If you maintain your drain lines properly, you will probably never have a clog that would stop your restaurant service and that’s worth not only the cost but also your reputation.

We at Quest Plumbing are here for you and all your restaurant needs 24/7 to help you replace, install, repair or maintain your plumbing in good working order and we will be happy to work with you step by step in any expansion, relocation or remodeling for your restaurant.  Contact us today and we would be happy to help.  Have a great day!

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