Plumbing Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling is one of the beautiful areas in your home to renovate or remodel and the results and feelings can change the house and even the value of your home.  Hiring a good plumber is one of the best things you can do when you do these kind of projects.  For some of you it might be a one time project in your lifetime and you will want to very that you are getting every plumbing pipe connection and devices correctly , especially those that are hidden behind kitchen cabinets and bathroom tiles and walls so you never ever need to deal with any plumbing problems or remove cabinets or remove or break tiles in order to access a leak or noise that needs to be repaired.  Whether you are doing  kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling for your home or commercial building we are a suitable plumbing company to handle every aspect of plumbing, heating, cooling, sewer and drain replacement and new installations, we are even certified in backflow preventer testing and repair in case your project includes that type of work.

Every remodeling job is built in layers and progress of removing, installing and replacing items and the key is to have your plan and schedule so you know what will happen and when it will take place and when it will end, assuming there are no surprises and no emergencies will appear at the last moment that will extend the project.  Also, budget considerations are is a good thing to add an additional 10% to 15% to in case we find a sewer or drain pipe that is rusted, old or broken and needs to be replaced, water leaking or a similar problem that can be found only after wall tiles, and floors and ceilings are removed.  Good advice to start with is to have our plumbing company available to communicate with anytime, and most importantly to show up on time, as most plumbers are know to have “delays” and reschedule late or make excuses as to why a plumbing job cannot be completed on schedule, which will delay progress and the work schedule of other professionals working on your project.  So a good plumber is the key to starting and finishing on time and maintaining the reliability of your home or building plumbing for a very long time.  A plumbing estimate for your remodeling / renovation project is a must have, and make sure your plumber sticks to the plumbing quote price as some plumbers don’t.

  • A licensed plumber is required when you need to file for a permit in NJ, NY or any other state as the town inspector will need to verify that everything is up to code.  Insurance for your plumber is also recommended just in case something happens, you want to have the case covered in case in case its not just a few hundred dollars of repair damage.
  • A plumbing company is better than a single plumber for renovation or remodeling as a single plumber may have limited resources and schedule and even tools and employees to offer you. Sometimes even knowledge with specific things that you may need with your commercial work or plumbing, heating, HVAC and cooling, so the answers that you will get and the service with modern plumbing tools will be much better and faster to get your project successfully completed.
  • Judge your plumber by whether he shows up on time and the time and attention he takes to evaluate and estimate the project and put the quote together.  Make multiple connections with your plumber before you start your renovation and remodeling and see in each contact how responsive and helpful he is with his answers and how long it takes for him to call you back when you leave a message.  A good plumber takes care of his clients before, during and after the project.
  • Ask difficult questions, write the answers down and compare the plumbers answers to other plumbing company’s answers.  You might be surprised by what you find.
  • A remodeling space may be a messy area especially when you renovate a kitchen or bathroom which is a necessary living area of your house, apartment or office building.  Contact us to always find you alternatives, if kitchen cabinets are removed, the sink is out of order and you need to wash dishes, there are ways to get you an alternate sink and water source when a renovation might take 10 days.  Same with a dishwasher, refrigerator, shower and definitely toilet bowl and vanity, and especially if you have only one bathroom, one shower or bathtub, you do want to have an alternative to make the inconvenience less stressful. A good plumbing company will find you alternatives.
  • Most people have never done a renovation or remodeling and they have not experienced the process from A to Z.  Make sure as a client, that you understand what it takes to live in a house or operate a business while renovation is going on, noise, dust and people coming in and out of your home is part of it.  some people leave their home for vacation during the renovation.
  • Here is an important question to ask your plumber: did you test it? Is it finalized testing?  Putting new water pipes, hot and cold water, replacing or repairing drain pipe or sewer pipe are things that you are probably going to probably cover behind a ceiling or wall forever.  You don’t want to find out that there is a sewer or drain smell, water leaking or even sewer leaking or worse, a hot water line that has low pressure or no pressure or no water or other things that are not working after everything is completed and covered with walls, tiles and cabinets.
  • Any plumbing repair, installation ro replacement needs to have a warranty attached to it, make sure you have it in your plumbing quote.  Just in case something happens or even if you have a question you can verify that our plumbing company is available to come and take a look, fix or even modify it or relocate things that were not done properly, after all we are all human beings.
  • A recommended plumbing company is usually a better plumbing company.  A better plumbing company is knowing that someone else already a good experience with them and so there is a better chance to get things done with less or no issues.
  • When you get a plumbers quote, we know the price is important, we also know that you probably get a multiple of different quotes from different plumbers.  We give you a quote based on your requirements knowing that you expect to have a professional plumber doing the work with quality materials, a job that will pass plumbing inspection and have no future problems, all with the mindset and intention to get your plumbing renovation, remodeling or replacement or new installation at the lowest affordable cost.

Advice is always free with a smile so contact us now for any questions at (201) 399-2160.  You will immediately notice the difference in our service and as always a free quote and estimate is provided at your convenience during and after business hours or on weekends.  Have a nice day.

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