Sewer Cleaning by a Plumber or Sewer Cleaning Company is Safer

If you have a sewer drain clog or need sewer cleaning please call a plumber or sewer cleaning company that can clear your basic sewer drains with an electric eel.   Electric Eels clean sewer pipes and keep them from deteriorating from skin, blood, hair, feces and other bodily fluids.    In most cases though these organisms cannot be seen by the naked eye.   People have been known to catch infectious diseases as serious as Hepatitis while cleaning their own household sewage drains. For your own personal safety and to help you save money, call a reputable licensed plumber to help unblock your drains and sewer pipes.

Sewer-Cleaning-by-good-PlumberWhen your plumber attends he should check all the access points to see where it’s overflowing or where it’s blocked. Some are more obvious than others. Some can be slowly hidden.  Your plumber should check around the whole house because there will be a number of exit points. One of these access points will make drain cleaning easier later on and makes you get a better job. If the drain is not full and there’s no chance of an internal overflow the plumber should turn on the tap and let water fill while it is being cleaned. The top of the line can be hidden like in vines and such which passes up through the roof of your house.

The pump is fit into the drain until the sewer cutter reaches past the next access point junction or it reaches the blockage whichever comes first. When the top end of the drain is cleared the Electric Eel is then point down in the next highest access point. When this access is cleared, you then move on to the next access point. At this access point the Electric Eel cutter is fit into the drain until it passes the junction of the next access point. As this is the last access point before we get to the boundary I’ll run as many cables as I can down this drain. That way I’ll make sure whatever I cut out of it will go thoroughly down the main. On this drain we’re lucky we have a boundary rises. So what I’ll do at this point is I’ll just run it to the boundary so that I can see the cutter in the rise up. Now you’ve managed to successfully cut out the majority of the root from the drain all the way down to the boundary utilizers here in front of me. Just make sure those roots that have been cut out have been disposed of.

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