Sewer Smell From A Sewer or Drain Pipeline Problems and Repairs

If you smell sewer or drain smell in your home or business, not only in your bathroom or kitchen it might be even in your living room, dining room, basement or certain living areas in your home that don’t seem to even have a drain pipe connection, opening or access point to any sewer line.

In some cases you might see marks of sewer water, in some cases you will not see any marks but will smell a strong smell.  A sewer smell problem can reflect a minor issue like a sewer line or drain clog that needs sewer cleaning with a snake, which is considered a small task for a plumbing company, or it might be a bigger issue starting from a broken sewer pipe that needs to be repaired to a gas leak.

Yes it could even a gas that is somehow leaking into the sewer system which is considered an emergency and requires immediate action, although gas in the sewer line is very unusual there are still cases where technically leaking from a gas connection can create a sewer smell.

How Can I Know Where the Smell is Coming From?

We will get the first information from you about the sewer or drain smell, the location and we will try to check the surrounding area under the floor, above the ceiling and even in the walls to locate the pipe above the ceiling in the wall or under the floor as a first step.

We will also try to determine your home or buildings usage in terms of the specific time in which the smell occurs, for example only when you use the washing machine, the dishwasher, flush the toilet etc.. so we are looking for the trigger that might push the sewer smell out from the sewer pipe or drain pipe in order to find the connection.

Sometimes there are cases where the sewer smell in the master bedroom will be coming from a totally different area, the bathroom next to it or even the kids bedroom as the opening of a vent, air conditioning, heating or other ventilation are directed to certain way that the air is clogged in a certain room or area although the sewer line that caused the smell and needs to be repaired is located 10 feet away.

What Should I Do When I Smell A Sewer Smell?

If you cannot locate the smell by visual inspection, especially if you don’t see water leaking, of course sewer or dirty water that smells, not clear water that is leaking, that may have no connection at all to a sewer or drain leaking problem.  So if you don’t see anything around, including dark brown marks of leaking on the ceiling, floor or walls that means that there is something that is covering the smell and you should contact our NJ plumbing company  for inspection and to investigate the plumbing pipe that caused the smell.

If you have a doubt as to what kind of smell it is and you are not sure if its a sewer or drain smell or something else, we recommend you do not delay and take emergency action, first to shut off the main gas line in order to stop the gas supply as there is a one out of a million chance that a gas pipe may interfere with plumbing and may need to be fixed as a different issue and a professional NJ drain company will be able to detect a gas leak in case it has occurred.


As always, we are happy to serve you anytime for any plumbing repair, sewer repair, plumbing leak, gas leaking sewer leaking 24/7 anytime of day or night as your local NJ plumbing company.  Have a wonderful day!

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