Using a Sewer Camera to Locate a Sewer Water Leak

sewer-camera-inspection-njUsing a Sewer Camera and a monitor you can see what’s under drain pipes.  Drop the camera, the actual camera head, into the sewer line. You can see the PVC pipe and sometimes a PVC connection to cast iron.  If you pull it back a little bit you should be able to actually see a fitting or a couple of fittings in a spot where there is a “T”.

The camera usually also has a locator on the end of it so we can turn that locator on and we can actually determine exactly where that camera head is under the slab.  This is very useful in examining the leak location.

A Sewer Camera should not be used as a primary tool to actually locate a leak, but we can use it as a secondary tool by putting test balls in the line and actually testing separate sections of the pipe and what we could then do is use the camera to actually aid us in the process of putting the test balls where we want them to be and actually determining exactly where the test balls are.

Again the camera should not be used as a primary leak location tool, because what may look like a leak on the camera may not be leaking and vice-versa.   So please be careful in that situation.   You can actually put the camera into the line and we can send it as far as we want to in the line or as far as it will allow us to. With the cast iron it’s extremely difficult to see inside of there, but with PVC it is easier. Some cast iron pipes are better than others on visually looking in the line.

Very, very useful tool, Sewer Camera is a very useful tool and helps in a lot of ways too, especially in the detection.  Seeing something stopped up in the line, seeing a toy in there, whatever the case may be.  So to actually locate that line we can again turn on the locator and we can with the signal that that locator sends out actually locate that line with this special locating device.

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