Plumber Advice – Sewer Maintenance is Must to Prevent Sewer Clogs

Sewer back-ups. They’re bad news. They are horrible. They destroy your property. They destroy your memories. many homes in New Jersey have old clay pipe. Those clay pipes are really caving in; tree roots are coming into the sewer pipes, preventative maintenance for your sewer pipe is critical if you live in New Jersey.

GOOD PLUMBERPreventative maintenance can be done in 2 different ways really. You can take care of it chemically such as a bio-clean product or tree root destroyer. Both have two different uses. Root destroyer will kill the roots of the tree that have penetrated into that sewer line without harming the tree. Bio-clean really works more on the organic waste that are clogging up that sewer line. Both are critical. Beyond that too, you can get a sewer cleaning company to come into your New Jersey home and do some preventative maintenance for you. Run the line. It’s a lot cheaper and faster to run a line on a non clogged drain than it is on a clogged drain.

So annual maintenance will stop the surprises from coming up from underground that you don’t ever want to see. And also don’t sweat it if you smell sewer smells coming up from a floor drain like this. Often times it’s because the water in that trap underneath has dried up and the sewer gas smells have just come up. Pouring a bucket full of water down there will take care of that problem 9 times out of 10.

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