licensed plumber njIf you’re noticing wet spots in certain areas of your home, it’s probably not a good sign: chances are, you have a plumbing pipe leak concealed somewhere behind your walls or above your ceiling. Networks of plumbing pipes are extensive but hidden throughout your home, carrying water between water mains, plumbing fixtures, drains, and sewer lines. In fact, homeowners often aren’t entirely sure where the leak is, although wet spots are a major clue. At Quest Plumbing, our contractors use professional leak detection techniques to figure out exactly where a pipe leak is located in your home. The sooner you get plumbing leak repairs, the less ongoing water damage you’ll have to worry about. For fast, effective emergency plumbing pipe leak repair in New Jersey, call us any time at

Wet Spots, Plumbing Leaks, and Water Damage

plumbing pipe leak repair njAn unexplained wet spot, with or without water dripping sounds, is often a first indicator that something is wrong with a hidden plumbing pipe. Although exposed pipes in garages, attics, and basements will often have visible water dripping and pooling below them, making the leak obvious, hidden plumbing leaks can be harder to detect. In many cases, homeowners will first notice a rounded but irregular area of discoloration on a wall or ceiling. These often seem to appear out of nowhere, and don’t go away when the area is cleaned. This discoloration occurs because of moisture from a leaking pipe. In some cases, these moist areas can also become the location of mold and mildew growth, which keeps coming back when the area is sanitized.

Moisture and water damage from an unsuspected plumbing leak can wreak havoc on your home. It damages walls, flooring, drywall, paint, and wallpaper. Mold growth is also a problem, as it releases spores into the air around you. Although very small traces of mold spores are always present in the air– which is how mold grows indoors in moist areas or spoiled food in the first place– actively growing fungal colonies can raise the spore level to an unhealthy degree. This can irritate your lungs, throat, and eyes, as well as aggravating preexisting allergies.

The risk of property damage, and the health concerns surrounding mold, are reasons why timely plumbing pipe leak repair is actually quite important. If you notice signs of a plumbing leak in your home, you should call a professional plumbing company as soon as possible. At Quest Plumbing, we’re available at all times for same-day emergency plumbing pipe leak repair service.

Calling a Leak Repair Professional

water leak repair njPlumbing pipe leaks can be fixed by professional contractors, who may need to get behind walls or above ceilings to access the pipes to fix the problem. Some leaking pipes can be patched up and repairs, while others may actually need pipe replacement for damaged sections of pipe. Getting repairs sooner, rather than later, will save you money by preventing any further water damage. To find out more about professional leak detection, plumbing pipe leak repairs, and more, call us today at Quest Plumbing NJ, at 201-399-2160.