basement water leakingIs water leaking in your basement? Whether it’s a small, exposed pipe dripping continually and pooling on the floor, or a major flood requiring immediate emergency plumbing repairs and water removal service, our contractors at Quest Plumbing are always available for 24-hour emergency basement water leak repair service. Water leaking in your basement is nothing to fool around with: it can cause serious and costly damage to your foundation. We can have a contractor to your door in less than an hour to quickly fix the problem, whether you need to fix or replace a section of plumbing pipe, or whether you’re dealing with a sudden and serious basement flood. To learn more about basement water leak repair and other New Jersey plumbing repair services, call us any time at Quest Plumbing NJ.

Common Causes of a Basement Water Leak

basement water leak repairIf you’ve noticed water leaking in your basement, it’s a bad idea to ignore it. After all, it’s not just going to go away on its own. A basement water leak can be incredibly damaging to your entire home, because water saturation can warp and damage the foundation. It also provides the moisture that potentially hazardous mold and bacteria need to grow and thrive, potentially leading to health issues for the home’s inhabitants.

A basement water leak can originate from faulty pipes, or can seep in from outside. Some of the most common reasons that New Jersey homeowners end up needing basement water leak repair include:

  • Clogged drain pipes. Many homes are outfitted with a “footing drain,” located outside the basement in a bed of loose gravel that prevents mud and dirt from getting inside. However, waterlogged soil can still make its way inside through the small cracks that can often develop in plumbing and sewer pipes. When this happens, the drain line will quickly become clogged up, obstructing water flow and leading to the possibility of slow drainage and even water backup into the basement through the drain.
  • Sewer backflow. If your basement has a bathroom with plumbing fixtures installed, as is common in many finished and semi-finished basements, a clogged or burst sewer line could lead to the dreaded “sewer backflow,” with wastewater coming back up the pipes and into your home.
  • Wall and floor leaks. If there’s high hydrostatic pressure just outside your underground basement, water can seep even through solid concrete. If there are pipes concealed under the flooring or behind walls, a crack or fracture will also cause water damage and water leaking in through the walls, necessitating plumbing repair.
  • Plumbing pipe leaks. This problem results in dripping and pooling water, and is fairly simple for a plumbing contractor to fix. Many basements contain exposed plumbing pipes, which can spring a leak and require plumbing repairs.
  • Burst pipes. Plumbing pipes can also burst, causing rapid flooding. This can happen during the winter if the water inside the pipe freezes, which is fairly common in unheated basement areas. This is usually cause for immediate emergency basement water leak repairs.

Water Leaking? Get Plumbing Repairs Today

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