Shortly after a recent storm we received a call from a women who’s basement was flooded despite having a sump pump system and a battery backup.

Our subsequent investigation revealed that both pumps were working as they were designed to by having a 12 volt, battery powered pump engage if the main pump fails to work.

It turned out that during the storm there was a prolonged power failure. When the main pumped failed to  work the battery backup pump took over and successfully kept the basement from  getting flooded.

However, a battery will only last for 5-7 hours. Since the power outage  lasted over 30 hours, the basement was unprotected when the battery was completely  discharged.

Sump Pump Installation NJ

We suggested she install a water powered backup pump in addition to the backup system currently in place.

This is a device that is connected to the water supply of the house and uses the pressure of the water supply to pump the basement water out of the sump pit just like the battery backup pump would.

The difference is, it does not depend on any electrical power to run a pump or recharge a battery and therefore will never fail to work. There are no batteries to replace no connections to check or any related maintenance at all.

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