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I had the opportunity to meet a guy the other day. His sump pump broke down while he was out for work in a different state. When he came back, his basement was one big disaster. The damage can be evaluated as more than a few thousand dollars. The time, headache, and emotions that you need to restore the basement will take about a month or two.

This is due to a sump pump that may cost about $250 and was suspected to have issues. The pump worked on and off. When it happened in the past, the owner just kicked it a bit but this time he was too far to be kicking it into action during a critical storm flooding day. The basement was flooded and it was sad to see it.

Saving a few dollars might end up costing you a lot. Like with any problem in life, before the problem starts, there are warning signs that something will happen. If you ignore the signs, you will have to deal with the results. With this particular issue, it was a flood damage and cleaning, but it could have been more than that. Lesson number one, don’t ignore the signs.

Lesson number 2, when you know there is a problem, take extra steps to protect you, your home, and your family from damage and extra costs. Besides the fact that you should check your sump pump more often, you can also get a sensor that warns you when there is water on the floor. Have a backup sump pump in place, or even two. One sump pump will cost you a few hundred dollars, but if you have an extra sump pump may cost you more than $600. This could save you time, headache, and the extra damages of up to $25,000.

There is another factor that you should consider – money savings over risks of low cost and nonfunctional items, parts, and sump pump that were designed by the manufacturers for certain usages, conditions, and within a specific time frame. This means that the quality of sump pumps that you buy will make the difference when and how long and under which condition they will fail.

You need to decide at which point you want it to be by buying the right product.

Any other advice that you need on a sump pump, sewage, or cleaning, just ask us and we would be happy to help you any day. Have a wonderful day.


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