NJ Air Conditioning System Overcooling / AC Too Cold

When your air conditioning system is not cooling enough its a problem, but when your air conditioning system is cooling too much that is also a problem.  An air condition system that is not cooling to the thermostat setting or to the set temperature can not only make your home and business uncomfortable but also can create damage that may require you to repair or replace the whole AC system and the earliest you find the problem the faster we can repair and the cost of the repair will be lower.

 The thermostat is the commander of your AC system, it provides the command to the heat pump condenser and dryer or air handler to turn off and to stay in the off position until the temperature has
changed to within the thermostats setting.  You may have one or a few thermostats depending on the number of zones and floors that you may have within your air condition and heating system and you might have more than one A/C system within the same home or HVAC unit that is located on the roof as a roof unit and set to cool certain offices by square footage only.  So in reality a house might have two or three heat pumps and an office, depending on the size, might have two, ten or fifteen units.

The first thing you need to recognize is which thermostat controls which heat pump so that you can separate zones in case you have more than one thermostat.  Checking the thermostat screen to see that it is lit, making sure the thermostat is on cooling and not heating, and that the temperature is on the right setting is the first step before you think that something is wrong with the heat pump or other air conditioning components.

Air conditioning Heat Pump Checkup

The second thing you want to check is if the air conditioning heat pump is constantly running without stopping.  Here in New Jersey a normal air condition unit can run on an ordinary day for abouAir Conditioningv ice and too coldt 10 minutes after the room temperature has reached the set temperature. If your air condition is constantly running we need to send our HVAC technician to check the air conditioning heat pump and the entire A/C system checkup.

Air condition or heat pump replacement is rare in New Jersey as the summer is only for a couple of months and there are only a few days where the temperature would reach a level where the air conditioner will break down from constant use and the system is completely off.  A good practice so as not to be in emergency air conditioning repair situation is to do air condition maintenance and check up before the summer and any minor A/C repair or service you do when its a non-emergency weekend or nighttime occurrence.

Heat Pump Repair, Replacement and Problems in Goodman, Lennox or Other Brands

A heat pump or compressor that is running constantly or non-stop or a heat pump that is running without cooling enough due to a blockage or damaged heat exchange or A/C fan will make the heat pump/condenser/compressor overheat and damage internal parts that will cause the air conditioning to stop and not to work.

Frozen pipes with ice on the external part of the A/C copper pipe, compressor and other parts is one of the signs that the A/C is over-cooling, not only wasting energy which you will feel in your monthly electric bill.  You will see the marks of icing pipes along the pipes in the air handler and the cooling exchange and the expansion valves.  The first thing you have to do is to shut off the system from the thermostat and if not manually go to the main breaker or disconnect box and make the A/C system stop working.

Trust Quest Air Conditioning and Repair Replacement and Installation.

When it comes to air conditioning repair or any replacement or installation you may need, you want to trust a company that will provide you with quality A/C repair service, whether you have a commercial HVAC repair roof unit or a residential home central air conditioning we do it all, including an air condition system with a cooling tower.  We handle each client with good intentions and we are open for any emergency at night or during the day for repair service for any model A/C system that you may have, including Goodman, Lennox, GE, Rheem, carrier.  We carry most repair parts in our truck so in case you need emergency A/C repair service, we can offer you quick A/C repair in NJ in Bergen County, Union County, Hudson County and Essex County.  As in every heat pump or air conditioning job we provide you with a guaranty so you can sleep well in case a second visit is needed to confirm that your air conditioning system works well in the highest efficiency possible per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

If you need any air conditioning repair service, maintenance or new installation, heat pump or air handler repair in any model, call Quest air conditioning repair now and we would be happy to serve you 24/7  day or night.

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