NJ Sump Pump Repair & Installation in Bergen County NJ

If your Saddle River NJ home has a basement, you probably have a sump pump located there.

Sump pumps are powered by either long-lasting batteries or your electrical main line, and are designed to siphon built-up water out & away when it accumulates due to rain or the level of the natural ground water.

This prevents excessive moisture and basement flooding, which can cause water damage to your home.

The water is generally discharged into a storm drain or dry well, helping to keep your basement dry.

Like most household machines and appliances, a sump pump will eventually reach the end of its life.

At this point, it will need to be replaced as soon as possible, to prevent potential damage to your basement.

If you’re having problems with your sump pump in NJ, give us a call at Quest Plumbing.

We offer new sump pump installation in Saddle River NJ and all of Bergen County NJ from our certified technicians, helping keep your basement dry and waterproof.

When Do You Need Sump Pump Replacement in NJ?

If your sump pump is more than about ten years old, the time will soon come to replace it.

There are several signs that homeowners can watch out for, indicating that it’s time to call a professional to install a new one.

Although many sump pump problems can be repaired, it might not be worth it for an older model.

Newer ones are more energy-efficient and more effective, making sump pump replacement a worthwhile investment. Some of the common red flags include:

  • You have an older, pedestal-style pump. This type of sump pump isn’t manufactured anymore. They’re relatively noisy, and they’re usually not as solidly constructed as more modern styles of pump. If you have this type in your home, you may want to consider replacing it with a newer model from a trusted manufacturer like Grainger, Zoeller, or Goulds.
  • It turns itself on and off frequently. Even if it’s raining heavily outside, your pump shouldn’t cycle on and off constantly. In some cases, this occurs because of a problem with the float switch. This should be fixed by a professional plumber, to avoid putting strain on the motor. The sump basin might also be too small for the amount of water it’s collecting, meaning you may want to replace it.
  • It runs for an unusually long time. If your sump pump runs continuously for several minutes at a time, it probably can’t handle the volume of water that it has to deal with. Replacing it with a higher-capacity model will solve the problem, as well as more effectively waterproofing your basement.
  • It’s louder than it should be. Most modern sump pumps emit little more than a low hum when they’re running. Excessive noise, such as rattling and grinding, is usually a sign that the motor bearings are beginning to burn out. Chances are, it needs to be replaced.
  • It won’t turn on. This can sometimes mean that the float switch, which detects the water level, is pushed up against the side of the sump basin. However, it’s also a common sign that a sump pump has worn out for good. If the float switch has been ruled out as the source of the problem, it’s probably time to install a new sump pump.

If you’re having problems with your older model, it’s probably time to talk to a professional about  sump pump replacement.

A newer model of sump pump will consume less energy, work more effectively, and last for years to come.

If you need sump pump repair in NJ, give us a call at 201-399-2160.

Our skilled, experienced technicians are available at any time to help you with your household plumbing issues, including new sump pump installation.

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