restaurant plumbing repair njAt Quest Plumbing, we offer specialized plumbing repair services for local restaurants, from small mom-and-pop operations to huge national chains. For a restaurant, plumbing is an important concern. Commercial kitchens are fully reliant on running water for food preparation and cleaning, not to mention customer bathrooms and other amenities. As a restaurant, you can’t afford to put up with untreated plumbing problems: they only get worse, costing time and money and hurting your bottom line. For fast, reliable restaurant plumbing repair in Bergen County and nearby New Jersey, including 24-hour emergency service, call us any time at Quest Plumbing.

Restaurant Plumbing Repair

restaurant plumbing repairs njBecause a restaurant is so reliant on plumbing, occasional problems are statistically more likely than for many other businesses. It’s easy not to give much thought to the plumbing, but when something goes wrong, it can be a disaster.

One of the most common reasons for emergency plumbing repair in restaurants is that something is clogged. The number one cause of clogged pipes and drains in a restaurant is kitchen grease. Grease is viscous, sticky, and doesn’t break down very easily when exposed to water. These traits cause it to easily stick to the insides of pipes, drains, and sewer lines. As more grease sticks to the existing grease, it can build up to the point that the pipes are completely obstructed. Most workers and owner-operators know that large quantities of grease, like that used in deep frying, should never be dumped down a drain. However, workers are constantly washing grease off of dishes, flatware, and other materials, and over time, it can add up. In many cases, the clog isn’t necessarily readily accessible, and you’ll need professional restaurant plumbing repair service.

Restaurant Plumbing Installation

commercial plumbing repair njOpening a new restaurant? At Quest Plumbing, we proudly serve our local community with new restaurant plumbing installation. When you’re planning a new establishment, you need high quality plumbing systems, correctly installed by experienced plumbing service contractors. Our team is available for new plumbing installation, as well as plumbing replacement for old, outdated hardware. Get off on the right foot with world-class restaurant plumbing for your new business.

Commercial Sewer Service

Having sewer problems? At Quest Plumbing, we’re also available 24/7 for same-day emergency sewer service. If you run or manage a restaurant business, you can’t afford to let sewer cleaning and sewer repairs fall by the wayside. From sewer cleaning to large-scale sewer repair and pipe replacement work, we do it all.

  • Sewer cleaning with hydro jetting. Like your drains, the sewer line connecting your restaurant to the municipal sewer system can get clogged over time. Not only is grease a common culprit, but tree root growth, sediment and scale, and other problems can prevent your sewer lines from draining properly. Hydro jetting is a cleaning method using streams of water at a high PSI to clear out gunk from your sewer.
  • Sewer repairs. Sewer lines can fracture, break, and even collapse completely. At Quest Plumbing, we use noninvasive trenchless repair techniques to fix or replace sections of damaged pipe.

Interested in learning more about restaurant plumbing services in New Jersey? Call us today at Quest Plumbing, at 201-399-3160.

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