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 If you have a basement with a sub pump, you need to test the sub pump system once in awhile in order to prevent Sub pump repair service in NJ and Maintenance, make sure water from the basement that is collected through the sub pump well is expelled out of your basement efficiently in order to prevent flooding and damage to your home or business.

Sub pump testing should be done visually first to see that the sub pumps kicks in at the right water level and stops when the float is back down.  A second test can be done manually by moving the float up and down and seeing if the sub pump starts.

Water backup for sump pump failure

A sub pump can cause you significant damage if it is not operating properly.  If the sub pump cannot meet the capacity of the amount of water and overflows to your basement and will run continuously without clearing the water.

Choosing a sub pump should be chosen based on the amount of water collected from the well per minute and sub pumps sizes need to be  the right power and capacity in regard to the well size that is installed.

Sub pump prices are usually between $150 to $700 depending on the size, capacity and quality of the sub pump.  You shouldn’t buy an expensive sub pump with a higher capacity if your existing sub pump is enough to clear the water efficiently.

Also the plumbing pipes and connections need to be checked in order to verify that they are sealed and clear and the water is expelling out of the property freely, without any stops.

 Sub pump testing

We highly recommend that you test your sub pump before the winter as most subpump tend to fail during the winter season and then the cost may be much higher and plumbers might be too busy to come immediately to repair your sub pump or install a new sub pump.

Nowadays most sub pumps cannot be repaired as they are sealed and its much cheaper to replace a sub pump with a new one with a full warranty.

If you have any questions or need any advice regarding the installation or repair of a new sub pump please feel free to contact us at any time 24/7 and we will be happy to help.