Electric Water Heater Repair and Replacement

water-heater-repair-and-installation-njA reliable hot water heater is important for every New Jersey home.  Most residential New Jersey homes have tank water heaters that are fueled by natural gas or electricity.  These types of water heaters have tanks that typically hold between 20 and 80 gallons of hot water at the factory setting of 120°F providing reliable hot water on demand when needed by your family.

Electric water heaters are safe, clean, and more affordable than many other fuel sources. Electric tank water heaters are produced in many different sizes and models, and are usually quick and easy to install.

Electric water heaters have many great advantages,  including:

  • Overall, electric tank water heaters cost less than gas tank water heaters;
  • Electric water heater installation usually costs less than gas because we do not need to deal with the gas lines;
  • Less space is generally needed for electric water heater installation;
  • Electric water heaters are very durable and long lasting, often lasting more than 10 years;
  • Electric water heaters can be fitted with a timer so that it shuts off when your not home.

Electric water heaters are usually wired to a typical 220-volt circuit, with two electrical-resistance heating elements, on  at the bottom of the tank and one in the middle of the tank, in order to heat the water in the tank.  A thermostat will turn the heating element on and off depending on whether the water in the water heater tank is above or below the set temperature.

When we use the hot water in our home it is emptied from the tank, and fresh cold water is released into the tank to the tank to replace it.  The new cold water will cause a drop in the temperature of all of the water in the hot water heater tank and will usually trigger the thermostat to turn the heating elements on and heat the tank back up to the set temperature.

Electric Water Heater Installation

Our reliable plumbers have the knowledge and experience you need to help you choose and  install your new electric water heater.   We will let you know the options and features available for your new hot water heater and help you choose a reliable and affordable new hot water heater.  We will remove the old hot water heater,  professionally complete the new electric hot water heater installation in your home and clean up completely when the job is completed.

Water heater installation is not a do-it-yourself task for the homeowner.  Handling electricity, gas and water issues for proper installation of your water heater are best left to an experienced plumber.   Most towns even require the homeowner to obtain a permit for hot water heater installation and require a town inspection for approval. We can handle all of the  safety and town code issues involved in water heater installation and make sure your home and family is protected by safe and reliable hot water heater installation for your home.

Our skilled hot water heater technicians have extensive experience working with a variety of hot water heaters on installation, repairs and replacements.  Our experience and training allows us to provide excellent hot water heater installation quickly and reliably. We use modern  state-of-the-art equipment and our extensive experience to provide you with the best possible hot water heater service.  We have experience with:

  • Electrical Water Heater Installation
  • Electrical Water Heater Repair
  • Electrical Water Heater Servicing
  • Tankless Electric Water Heater Installation
  • Tankless Electric Water Heater Repair
  • Tankless Electric Water Heater Servicing
  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Gas Tank Water Heaters
  • Residential Water Heater
  • Commerical Water Heaters
  • Hybrid Tankless Water Heater

Electric Water Heater Repair

There are many signs your hot water heater may need repair. The most obvious sign is if you don’t have any hot water or your water is not as hot as it should be or does not last as long as it once did.  Other signs you need hot water heater repair are if your hot water has an odor or is discolored, if you hear strange noises coming from your hot water heater or if there is water leaking near your hot water heater.

If you have a broken hot water heater call our experienced local New Jersey plumbers immediately and we will be there right away to let you know what your hot water heater problem is and how we can fix it. We provide emergency hot water heater repair 24/7 throughout New Jersey so call us anytime day or night for immediate hot water heater repair.

Common signs that you may need Hot Water Heater Repair include:

  • No hot water at all
  • Water is not hot enough
  • Not as much hot water as usual
  • Water leaking from the tank
  • Water heater making unusual noises
  • Water heater shuts off
  • Water has a strange odor
  • Discolored water

If you see any of these signs call us right away for hot water heater repair.  We serve families all over New Jersey, including Bergen County, Essex County, Union County, Hudson County and Morris County NJ.  Whether you have a gas or an electric hot water heater we can get your hot water heater working  and top efficiency again.

Electric Water Heater Replacement

You shouldn’t have to wait for hot water or run out of hot water in the middle of your shower. If your hot water heater is not working as well as it used to, you may think about replacing it with a newer more efficient hot water heater model.  We can provide a high quality hot water heater to meet the hot water heater demands of your family and provide professional fast hot water heater replacement for a very reasonable price.  We have served hundreds of homes throughout New Jersey providing quick and clean removal of their old hot water heater and expert hot water heater installation.

Electric Water Heater VS Gas Water Heater Replacement

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