We Fix Frozen or Burst Pipes in NJ 24/7 Anytime Day or Night

We have been local plumbers serving New Jersey for over 25 years and can certainly say that we have we have had many more emergency calls of frozen pipes and burst pipes in New Jersey than usual this winter. With the non-stop storms and the snow piling up, we expect that we will be getting many more plumber calls for burst plumbing pipes as the cold temperatures continue on this winter.

frozen-pipe-burst-pipe-repair-njFrozen Pipes, Burst Pipes and Leaking Pipes

The most significant plumbing pipe repair issues that we see are: frozen pipes, burst pipes and leaking pipes. These plumbing pipe problems can create serious damage to your home and require emergency plumbing service right away to minimize damage and prevent significant structural damage to your home.

This difficult winter has made frozen pipes a serious concern in New Jersey. The extremely low temperatures coupled with the wind are a real threat to plumbing pipes as the wind pushes the cold air into places it normally wouldn’t go, allowing the cold to gain access to sewer and plumbing pipes that may not be protected or insulated.

Plumbing pipes often freeze because there is poor or no insulation, a sudden drop in temperature or when the thermostat was set too low. Copper or plastic pipes can both freeze and burst. The most common plumbing pipes that we see freeze and/or burst are those near the exterior walls with little or no insulation or in places where water comes in or out the house.  A burst plumbing pipe can cause extensive flooding as even a small break can leak up to 250 gallons of water a day, which can cause severe structural damage to your home as well as subsequent mold problems.

With record temperatures continuing into the single digits in New Jersey this year, burst pipes will probably continue to be a significant problem across NJ.  We provide emergency plumbing repair services 24 hour a day 7 days a week in Bergen County, Hudson County, Essex County, Morris County or Union County New Jersey.  In the event you have a frozen or burst pipe this winter feel free to give us a call. Frozen pipes happen often in extreme cold weather, when they do responding quickly could save you from turning that frozen pipe into a burst pipe and a leaking pipe!

Don’t try to fix a frozen or leaking pipe yourself! Our plumbing technicians have repaired frozen or burst water pipes all across New Jersey throughout many years. Call us right away for expert pipe repair service before that frozen cracks or bursts, which can lead to damaging water leaks.  We provide 24-hour emergency pipe repair services- you can count on us 365 days a year anytime of the day and night.

Quest Plumbing is your local New Jersey pipe repair specialists. Call us anytime day or night!