Wet Basement Repair NJ

Wet basement, moisture, mold, mildew,  creates,  moisture and smell  can do serious damage to your basement.

Monitor the wet areas of your basement to determine the sources of the water and continue monitoring as you make changes in order to gage the effectiveness. Always try to determine if water is leaking through a particular spot on the ceiling or wall, notice if moisture in your basement increases after particular events, like weather outside or even the use of certain plumbing fixtures within your house.

Always check the rain gutters and drains an enormous amount of water can fall on a roof. Make sure your gutters and drains are clean and are carrying water away from your house. Many drains dump water right at the base of the house, where can easily damage the foundation or seep into the basement. Extend drain pipes to carry water at least 4 feet away from the house, the more the better.

Sometimes it is necessary to add soil, and grade your lawn so that it captures water and redirects it away from your home .Ideally; there should be steady slope away from the base of the house in all directions.

Open the cracks (you can use  chisel) and filled in. Put some water on the cracks and clean the surface with towel.

With deeper cracks, chisel below the surface so that the opening is smaller than inside. This keeps the patch material locked firmly in place. Fill deeper cracks with a vinyl concrete patcher in quarter-inch layers, always letting each layer dry and cure before adding the next.  As always if you need any help please feel free to contact us

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