Underground Basement Water Leak Repair

Unlike water leaks that you can see visually and get access to easily, underground water leaks, such as in the basement or under your home, are sometimes hard to find and you might need an experienced plumber or water pipe leak detection tools to identify spots where water is leaking.  In most cases there are two kinds of scenarios where water will leak underground:

  • Water leaking underground that leaves only a wet spot in your ground or basement floor that expands slowly to a larger area of the basement or the home.  There are signs of water that may be coming out of the ground and its easy to identify visually the location of the water leak or the direction of the water pipe that is leaking as the spot is the most wet.

 If you have this type of water leak underground it is easy to identify and locate the water pipe that is leaking and most of the time you will find the leak within two feet of the center of the wettest spot.

  • In the second scenario water leaks underground and water actually splashes or comes out of the basement floor, either indoor leaking or outdoor leaking intensively, which you see the physical spot if the water is leaking strongly enough it will be able to move the gravel and again it is easy to identify the exact spot as the water leak is stronger in that area.

For this type of scenario you may need emergency plumbing repair for plumbing service to stop the water pipe leak and a plumber might need to come and repair the leaking pipe temporarily until he gets the right materials and equipment to dig.  This job usually is more costly and takes a longer time as it requires replacing the broken piece of  leaking pipe.

  • In the third scenario, you might see water leaking from underground or basement floor but the leak is near or far away from the wet spot.   Water has a tendency to travel from the high ground to the low ground and the wet spot that you see might be far away from the real water leak at higher ground.

This kind of water leak problem needs the most intensive attention and plumber experience and water leak detection tools in order to make the minimum of damage to your basement floor and solve the leaking problem quickly and at a minimum cost.

If you a water leak problem underground or in the basement you need to have a plumber with the right experience in order to save you the time, money and hassle and not to get into wet basement damage and a greater flooded basement water removal .  We would be happy to help and provide any advice.  Feel free to contact your local plumber at any time.