Last year we were called to try to figure out why a homeowners sewer was repeatedly clogging.

Prior to them calling us, their sewer was clogged up three separate times in a one year period. At the time of this call they were not completely clogged but recognized the symptoms from all the prior problems they had had. Our serviceman went to work snaking the drain. sewer_or_drain_cleaning_nj_company

Since it was a 4” main sewer line the appropriate 3.5 “ cutting head was inserted into the line and power snaking was commenced.

After feeding into the sewer approximately 40 feet, the snake started having trouble passing this portion of the 80 ft. long sewer.

After working the snake in and out several times, it became apparent that he could not power past this point.

The snake was removed from the pipe, the head was changed to a 2.5” cutter, and was reinserted.

Again the power snake started laboring to feed into the pipe although it was slowly passing the 40 foot mark that the prior head could not pass.

With progress slowing almost to a halt, our NJ plumber again decided to remove the snake and go with an even smaller head. He then connected a1.75 inch “arrowhead” and was able to snake the entire 80 feet.

 What he did next, as he was trained to do, is what the difference is between a good plumbing company intent on doing a job both right and completely and at the lowest cost, and some other plumbing companies who’s goal is to get in and out fast and move on to the next job.

After retrieving the snake, he reconnected the 2.5 inch cutter and re-snaked the line.

After slow but steady progress, the entire sewer line was snaked. Again, in keeping with the goal of passing a 3.5 inch cutter through the entire 4” line, he successfully did just that.

Although we can never know for sure, it appears that the prior plumbing company never properly cleaned this sewer. Instead they opted to just “clear” the stoppage as are the general practice of some NJ plumbing contractors.

To date we have never had to service this sewer again! However, being we are a full service plumbing and drain cleaning company, we have performed other work for this family with the same spirit of giving our clients the best results possible in all that we do

Call us if you need any help with sewer clogging and drain cleaning, we will do it right at the firs time and at the lowest cost.