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Our dedication to customer service and quick expert plumbing repair has made us the leading plumbing repair company in the NJ area.

Our plumbers will be happy to take on any of your bathroom repair or bathroom plumbing issues.

Our technicians are all expertly trained and have a wide variety of plumbing repair experience and can easily fix any plumbing problem quickly and professionally.

Bathroom Plumbing Problem NJ – Plumbing Leak Repair – Shower Leak Repair NJ


Leaking Bathroom drains or fixtures can begin to happen after a few years of heavy use.

The rubber or plastic seals, O-rings, or washers can start wearing out causing bathroom leaks.

Our professional technicians will find those worn out fixtures and replace all the parts needed to stop the leaks.

Leaks can occur anywhere in your bathroom, you can have a wall leak, floor leak, ceiling leak, drain pipe leak or toilet leak.

In many cases, we may need to cut through your wall, ceiling or floor in order to expose the leaking section of drain pipe that needs to be repaired or replaced.

After we complete the repair, we will patch up the holes, repair the walls or ceilings or replace the wall tiles so your bathroom is good as new.

Fix Bathroom Plumbing | Low Water Pressure – Slow Water Flow – Water Pressure Problems NJ

Low water pressure can be caused by a variety of plumbing problems.

Most often the cause is corrosion in the pipes or a drain clog in the line, which is relatively quick and easy to fix.

Sometimes the low water pressure is caused by poor or disabled delivery from the main water line or a plumbing leak, both of which may be a bigger plumbing issue to fix.

Even just a single leaking plumbing pipe can affect your homes water pressure significantly.

Our plumbers have the proper tools and experience to quickly locate a plumbing leak and repair it professionally to fix your low water pressure.

In the past locating a water leak in a homes drain pipes required unreliable guesswork and sometimes unnecessary opening of walls and ceilings to find the leak.

Today our plumbing technicians are all trained to use the most modern equipment which helps us pinpoint the exact location of the leak quickly.

The new technology reduces the time and effort involved in locating water pipe leaks and saves you money.

Bathroom Plumbing | Drain Clog – Sewer Cleaning – Clogged Drain Problem NJ

Sewer and drain clog in the bathroom are very common.

Paper, hair and other debris can often get stuck in the drain pipes, causing the lines to slow or even back-up into your bathroom plumbing.

We use the most modern sewer and drain cleaning equipment available beginning with small hand snakes, to drain equipment that can clean big sewer mains.

If needed we are also trained and experienced in sewer video camera inspection and can inspect the inside of the length of the sewer lines to find the exact point of sewer blockage and the reason for it, making it easier and cheaper to remove the problem from the line – no guesswork needed.

Call us at (201) 399-2160 for fast and reliable bathroom plumbing repair and installation in the Northern NJ area of New Jersey homes!


Professional Bathroom Remodeling Services in New Jersey

Our plumbing company have a lot of experience renovating bathrooms in NJ, from Mansions in Alpine to two family homes in Jersey City.

Our plumbers and technicians are all licensed and insured, and have the training and experience needed to complete your bathroom remodeling expertly, within our estimate and on schedule.

Typically a home bathroom needs to be updated about every ten years or so.

Sometimes you may need to do it sooner.

Signs you may need to remodel your bathroom include, corroding on fixtures or pipes, leaky showers or faucets or if you have an older toilet that constantly needs replacement parts.

If you often have a clogged drain line in your bathroom, this also may be a good reason to consider bathroom remodeling.

Your bathroom is one of the most used parts of your home, and its important for your family that the plumbing and fixtures work reliably.

Sometimes updating to a high-quality faucets and more modern design toilet will not only look great, but may actually save you some money on utilities.

A modern water efficient toilet will save a lot of water over time; newer model toilets use only about 1.5 gallons per flush while most older toilets usually use a minimum of 4 gallons per flush, but can go as high as 7 gallons per flush.

Professional Bathroom Remodeling and Repair Services in New Jersey

Renovating your bathroom or even  just installing new bathroom fixtures is also a great way to increase the value of your house.

Look at a variety of bathroom designs and  decide what you like for your family, but also consider the potential market value a bathroom upgrade can add to your home.

Of course, while remodeling your bathroom and walls, ceilings or floors may be open, we will complete a thorough assessment of your internal plumbing and complete any needed plumbing repairs we encounter, such as bathroom water leaks, corroding plumbing lines, old or rusted shut-off valves, and drain line clogs.

Renovate your bathroom quickly and professionally on any budget with New Jersey’s most experienced bathroom remodeling plumber.

Call us at 201.399.2160 to schedule a free estimate!

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