Sewer Cleaning and Sewer Repair with a Drain Video Camera Line Inspection

Sewer cleaning or any sewer repair can be made easier when you use a drain Video Camera inspection to find problems in your blocked sewers or storm water pipes.  If you have a drain that constantly blocks or repeated sewer clogs then there are major problems with the drain and sewer pipes but you may not be quite sure where they are. A homeowner can spend thousands of dollars in a year getting the drain cleaned as a result of sewer clogs. To get it fixed up, you have to find where all the problems are.

Video-Camera-Sewer-Drain-Line-InspectionSo I would use the images from the drain camera first to help me find and locate any problems in the drain. That way I can give the owners an accurate quote and they can use the images that are recorded from this inspection to get other quotes as well.  Now you start at the top of the line with the drain camera and have to look all the way through the drain. The camera head sends an electronic signal back to ground level. So every time we see tree roots we go and locate it and give a dig. And that gives us an accurate dig of 1.5 meters. That’s just one of the tree root blockages in the drain.

When I use the drain camera I am able to record the images I saw in the drain on this USB stick. Give that to the customer and I’m also going to give them a firm written quote. And they can use the information on that memory stick to get other firm quotes as well.

If you have problems with sewer clogs or your drains and you don’t know where to start call a good nj plumber or an nj sewer maintenance company.

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